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  • hummingbirdair hummingbirdair Sep 27, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    comedy amid the gloom

    Usually can't stand Wolf Blitzer, but he's interviewing Michele Bachman shortly - a must see for anyone in need of a giggle :-)..on this day and this moment of all things....
    Wonder if he'll ask about why all the Tea Party'ers are suddenly writing children's books on time travel., back to when America was their version of they'll want them on the school curricula :-))

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    • baltbear Sep 27, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

      Elsewhere I am promoting Cruz-Bachman 2016.
      I am also promoting shutting down the Federal govt at midnite, except for 10 guys to put tax checks in the bank, and 2 guys to call in bonds when the cash is on hand until the "debt" is back to Y2K levels.
      The Founders didn;t have airplanes, a standing army, roads, bridges, etc.
      As long as the 2nd Amendment stands I encourage the Cruz-Bachman approach to declare itself outloud and proud, and out of the closet.
      It would create lots and lots of dollars for sale at a dime.

    • Hummingbird, I just watched the interview on youtube and I have to say from what I saw Bachman had Wolf Blitzkrieg on the ropes. The government numbers coming out of ObamaCare don't look good regardless of what metric you're looking at (higher costs, less coverage, less covered, etc), not even wolf could Blitzkrieg Bachman on this, as soon as he attacked he was jumping back into defense mode. Your take??

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