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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Oct 2, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    Obama - This time be worried.

    #$%$ kind of leadership is that. Everyone hide in their basement and the world will come to an end. What a pathetic POS. I want the market to go down while I go golfing. Die Republicans die is what he wants. I am a libertarian and i am tired of all the debt that will come crashing down.

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    • Ozero's credibility is cactus, the only ones that buy into his bull sheet these days are loyal party members. He himself voted against the debt ceiling during his brief hiatus from CONmunity organizing when he was in the senate, he told the AmeriCON public that the CONtry was bankrupt soon after he took office in 2009, he blamed republiCONs for being reckless spenders (which they were) but now he's changed his tune, we're no longer broke, nothing needs to be cut, there's no new spending he's not in favor of and if we don't spend more we as a CONtry are being reckless. I don't know how to explain duh 180 degree about face, I guess it must be a presidential thing. In case anyone hasn't being paying attention, his 180 degree flip flopping hasn't just been on domestic policy issues, it applies equally to foreign policy issues as well. The only ones that ACT as if they're oblivious to what's going on are loyal party members - I call it duh new don't ask, don't tell syndrome. I guess the thinking is, if you don't acknowledge something happened, then it never actually happened. Brky, what say you??? 40 More Years!!!!! Yes We CON!!! Change you CON Believe In!!!! And Coke Is it!!!!

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