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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Oct 21, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    Robbery at J.P. Morgan,wall st j , from last month but

    why is this buffett's fight ? I'd rather see the buffett plan to get our debt below 10 trillion ??

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    • One day Buffett and BRK will have to pay "the man."

    • [Why is this buffett's fight ?]

      How well do you know Buffett?? Come on bro, what's his angle, what's his incentive. Follow duh money bro, it's duh only thing that matters to him. If he's going out on a limb with the risk of tarnishing his own reputation to save "crooked or inept (take your pick)" Dimon then there must be an angle he's working to get some type of payoff in the future. What could it be????

      Remember, Hank is a HERO, Geithner is a HERO, Bernanke is a HERO. Shiela Bair, eh, not so much.

      [I'd rather see the buffett plan to get our debt below 10 trillion ??]

      Hahahaha, good luck with that one. Why is the nations debt any CONcern of Buffett's or that of his precious Berkshire Hathaway?? Why would he do anything that will negatively impact his bidness?? Inflation is good for the Berkshire bidness model, no?? The more debt that's accumulated the better Berkshire will be until we can't sustain the debt any longer, but he'll be gone before then. So long, and thanks for all the fish - Douglas Adams.

      Furthermore, think about "thriftville vs squanderville". What was Buffett's real intent bringing that up 6 years ago just before the crash?? What was his angle, and what agenda was he trying to push?? The fact that he's been silent on it for the last 5 years should tell you something. Credit Card anyone???

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