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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Dec 5, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    Any Obama worshipers tired of him yet?

    At least you can see the real man ... a lazy and incompetent man who wasted his Law Review years writing about a father he never met. What a F-up. Then he was a community organizer. Oh yeah ... he was told to hire some business people to implement his Obamacrapcare and he didn't listen to his hired guns. What a moron. He went with his "highly educated" and idealistic idiots instead. Keep voting for idiots like this and we will end up like Venezuela which ran out of toilet paper two times in the last two years or Argentina where they go into your retirement account and take your money and replace it with worthless government IOUs. Nice work morons!!!

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    • Obama has senior-itus, whats that you ask, well every spring High School Seniors get complacent, they see the finish line & slow down. obama nears finish line & is slowing down, by the way, he's still a United States President. And Government Health Care was bound to happen look at all the developed countries around the globe. By the way, the actual idea came from Governor Romney which is working great in the state he developed it in, however if the U.S. government wanted it to be a success, then they should've consulted Gov. Romney in order to get all the ingredients before trying to start it up blindfolded. But give credit where credit is do, he is a United States President which is a great goal to complete in life & he will be known as the U.S. President that "Got Belandin". Im not an Obama or Romney Supporter but I am in support of intelligent well thought out ideas which take everyone's effort & energy in order for it to become successful. And last but not least, what did Senator Kennedy say to Obama when they had that "Secret Meeting" on the Kennedy Family Yauht before he passed away? Anyhow Happy Holidays Everyone!!

    • Nomore, It is what it is, but in the words of Bill Clinton "it depends on what the meaning of the word is is"

      And only Clinton could decipher that.

    • Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, has claimed that he actually ghost authored that book for his soul buddy, Obama. .

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