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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Mar 18, 2014 7:38 AM Flag

    stocks, shorting, IPOs, cnbc, for old pal balty, before they take him to the old age home for rehab,

    +++To me, anybody selling long for later delivery of anything except a covered call should be knifed in the belly, knocked down, and fed their own blood and vomit until they expire.+++

    u really are so confused you should give serious THOUGHT to packing it in old pal. I don't even know WHERE to begin. First of all I bashed the FB, IPO, BEFORE it even came public because of the way it was STRUCTURED, if you put down the two buck chuck you would recall that FACT ! TEAM FB pulled off a miracle, AFTER the ipo closed they built a REAL BUSINESS despite 10s of billion of inside selling the stock popped, an amazing accomplishment well done Zuckerberg and his team. As far as I know buffett and gates didn't buy FB either, right ?

    As far as short sellers go you gave yourself away, its far better to be LOST , CLUELESS, and SILENT then to expose your ignorance. Were the short sellers in Enron bad guys ? WorldCom ? THEY do the had work and help to expose FRAUD, you know, like brokers who sell start up 504ds with unaudited financials, to uninformed retail investors. When Cramer gets fired cnbc should give serious thought to hiring you, only U can be worse and more dangerous! Last night again that pathetic JOKER was talking IPOs to his viewers, LIZ WARREN may be the CONtries only hope to stop this nonsense. shame on cramer, shame on cnbc for allowing it. Obama should get a third term if he agrees to hire LIZ to shut down boiler room Coney Island clowns on the air. CramerCON should be FORCED to find out from his wall street pals and DISCLOSE what % of HOT ipos goes to retail who watche his game show, maybe the kid really doesn't know the IPO game, who knows. Maybe kernen can help him out, shameful , WORSE than anything that went on at FNN.

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    • ++ WORSE than anything that went on at FNN ++

      I did a lot of business with FNN so I was there in real time back then, the new jokers at cnbc perfected it in spades, in fact I bet some of the stuff going on makes a few of the cnbc old timers disgusted ?? That may be one of the reasons Maria moved on, sue and bill are decent people, but you sleep with dogs for too long, you might get fleas !! Cramer telling his viewers to get HOT, IPOs, lol, does he pad his stock picking record with these Kreskin , Houdini , like calls ? pathetic.

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