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  • EliasFardo EliasFardo Jun 25, 1998 3:05 PM Flag

    From the pages of Amazing Stories

    There is an old science fiction story. I do not
    remember who wrote it and I think the title is either "In
    Value Deceived" or "In Value Received". I am working
    from about a 25 year old memory here. Anyway, these
    two space ships land on a planet. I don't remember
    why. They are from very different worlds. They start
    to do some trading. Both ships exchanges something
    that is almost completely worthless on its home
    planet, something like broccoli for instance, for
    something else that is of incredible worth, like gold. Then
    both of them, thinking they had each gotten the deal
    of the century, rush off before the other party
    discovers that they had been swindled.

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    • QUOTE FROM NAPART "No doubt about it, and it's
      driving me FUCKIN' NUTS. "

      Call Dr Laura Dr Ruth
      or anyone else that will listen to a loser who
      dominates message boards. Sounds like your wife got smart.
      Good for her.

    • Tell your wife that if she wants a new house, her
      mommy can put up the other half!

      Already told
      her... She wants to have her cake and eat it too. It's
      not even so much asking her mom for something because
      she (wife) has "invested" in a couple pieces of real

      Hate to say it, but sounds like your wife
      is a spoiled baby.

      No doubt about it, and
      it's driving me FUCKIN' NUTS.

    • Tell your wife that if she wants a new house, her
      mommy can put up the other half! Hate to say it, but
      sounds like your wife is a spoiled baby. Marriage is a
      two way street. You cum, she swallows! She cooks, you
      eat! TWO WAY STREET!!

    • HELL NO!!! That's why I helped her open an
      account. I've ALWAYS been frugal, I think she thought she
      could "change" me. You don't start investing at 12
      years old and "change" your colors

      First thing I did was put her on my bank account (a
      leap of faith/trust) and pay off her credit cards. I
      bought (what I thought would be) a new [family] car but,
      again, it wasn't good enough (no leather seats) so she
      had to get "her own" new SUV. Then she got a part
      time job to pay for it. So I'm left alone (exactly
      like I was when single) with, as Reba puts it: a ring
      on my finger and time on my hands...

      you brag about how much money you had before the

      to the contrary... I was spoon fed a bunch of
      bullshit about how much real estate she had purchased with
      her momma as a partner...

      Hey I have 5 shares
      of BRK [and] 90,000 in cash plus about 130,000 of
      equity in this house I own. I'm more than happy to sell
      the house and add some cash to come up with 175-200
      grand for a new house... the problem is she won't come
      up with anything herself and still wants to work. I
      didn't get married to be alone. I've done pretty damn
      good and I just want to spend some quality time with

    • so what did she lie to you about?

      did you
      brag about how much money you had before the

      You seem like the type who would.

      We are
      turning the whole bnoard into a TV show, but what the
      hell, there is nothing to talk about anyway.

    • She lied to me

    • Sorry, Napart, guess you shouldn't have married
      her. Why didn't you find someone who shares your

      I guess I felt that a big house was worthwhile,
      lots of times, but now I just think it was lack of
      maturity. I HAD a big house once. It had a two story foyer.
      During the summer, heat just went right up that foyer
      and made the second story unbearable, unless I was
      willing to pay $1000 per month in the summer in air
      conditioning bills. New houses are a pain anyway, because of
      the construction defects that must be fixed. Also,
      the neighbors were all Ph.D.s and physicians, and not
      very friendly (my husband and I are software
      engineers). My daughter hated the neighborhood. We lost money
      when we sold the house because it was a lot higher
      than the median price for the area, and times were
      slow, and we were moving out of the area. I will NEVER
      buy a house outside the median price range for a
      location again.

      I do the finances for my
      household, and have learned the hard way what works and what

      You might try giving her a copy of "The Millionaire
      Next Door" to read.

    • I am sure you take care of yourself security
      wise. After reading this guy who thinks he owns shares
      in your Co. I would be doubly sure. Could Yahoo
      please take him off this thread? Please. He makes me

    • I hear all this talk about people buying GNR to
      get this discount on brk shares. As the time comes to
      when this will be a done deal, this discount should
      shrink, right? Also, about when is this acquisition
      projected to be complete?

    • PS: Her MOM is the boss (of her)...

      Meddling cunt...

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