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  • asdsdf asdsdf Jun 29, 1998 8:47 PM Flag

    Graham vs. Buffett

    If the kids get in debt, their grades WILL
    suffer. That puts a HUGE incentive on them to get out as
    quickly as possible, and maybe to even get a part time

    I don't know why, young people think they
    can be superman if they try hard enough. Try taking 5
    or 6 classes a quarter/semester and when final exam
    time rolls around, you'll get swamped. No way you can
    compete with somebody with only 3 courses and 3 tests
    spaced out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You on the
    otherhand might be so unfortunate that your exams will fall
    on Monday, Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday,
    Tuesday... for a total of 6 tests in 48 hours. Try preparing
    for that.... and your parents will be so naive that
    they'll scold you for not getting your straight A's.

    Kids play to burn off steam. It's not a vacation. I
    paid my own way, and went skiing the day before my
    final... and happened to run into my prof!

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