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Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Message Board

  • EliasFardo EliasFardo Jun 29, 1998 6:00 PM Flag

    These message boards.

    I have come to the conclusion that the Yahoo
    message boards are almost useless anymore. If I read one
    more post on Napart's marriage I am going to SCREAM!!!

    For those of you who have any sanity left, save

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    • you should use the "interactive" chart option, as opposed to the "quick" chart option.


      - infernal

    • Deepthought: can give
      you a % short interest if you use the "advanced"
      chart option -- change the "lower indicator" to % short
      interest and you should be able to get it.

      as to
      raw numbers (versus graphs) I'd be interested in
      knowing where to find them on the net


      - infernal

    • GMULAW, I was not offended. I was just trying to
      make a tongue-in-cheek comment about your ranting (but
      understandable) post. Anyway, my silence is mainly because I
      haven't had any "great revelations" to post lately. There
      is that cliche... "Its better for one to be thought
      a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all
      doubt". Sometimes I think this should be listed in the
      charter of all the YHOO message boards.

      since I am planning on being a net accumulator of GRN
      over the next few months, I sure would appreciate it
      if this board could be used for its actual

      PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU... keep posting any
      and all negative news and/or rumors regarding the GRN
      merger. Maybe a little more info on the whole "Big
      insurance companies ran by a Cornhusker shouldn't really be
      allowed to merge with insurance companies that are also
      really big Act of 1998"?? This measly 5% discount (and
      shrinking) has got to widen for me!

      Also, any news
      detrimental to BRK itself (perhaps someone could pose as Mr.
      Buffetts personal doctor???) would also be

      I do have a question.... does anyone know a good
      internet resource to find out how much BRK (and GRN for
      that matter) has been shorted since the announcement?
      I see these figures posted in various places, but
      alas I don't know where to find the source. I keep
      hearing people complaining about all the shorters, and
      I'm curious as to how much has actually happened. (As
      an aside, why should anyone EVER complain about
      If significant short selling does indeed
      exist, it should propel the stock quite a bit in the
      fourth quarter because of all the buying (covering) that
      will occur around the merger, right?
      I guess that's
      not necessarily true since most of the short selling
      is probably an arb move, thereby offset by an equal
      amount of GRN buying.

      Any comments on this? Does
      it mean we should be gobbling up shares of GRN (or
      BRK if you prefer) like crazy in the meantime... or
      just gobbling them up at a normal pace?

    • Well said, only hope he listens

    • Greg, nice to see a message without the
      profanity, cynicism, and generational slamming (yes, I'm a
      "Boomer"etc., dad in WWII, and I showed up 9 months after war's
      end, we got hit with the "new math", we bought the
      rock 'n roll, drugs (not me), lived half our lives
      fearing total elimination of the human race, and 52,000
      of us bought it all in Vietnam (Army draftee and vet
      here, but never in Vietnam).

      You've got some
      interesting incites and experiences to share with this board,
      but the profanity just turns everyone off. Just stick
      to Berkshire and stock picking and we'll all enjoy
      your posts. Many of us are here to learn from the
      experiences of others.

      It really is OK and cool to be
      respectful of your fellow man/woman.


    • why wasn't i invited? i havn't heard from napart
      in quite awhile. i heard he was on his way to his
      grandmother's house. there was rumored to be mutterings in the
      forest. will he heal the need or feed the


      just thought i'd focus again.

    • Elias.

      There are some new BRK message boards on

      If you have had enough of what is now the Dear Abby board here on Yahoo.

      May the WEB be with you..


    • Elias said <<

      I have come to the
      conclusion that the Yahoo message boards are almost useless
      anymore. If I read one more post on
      Napart's marriage
      I am going to SCREAM!!!

      For those of you
      who have any sanity left, save

      Just a reminder there are more civilized boards! Try The Berkshire Board there could use the
      thoughtful posts of many of the people here.

      Learning While I'm Earning,

    • NAPART needs to get psychiatric help or as someone else said call Dr Laura. He dominates this Board with way to many messages.

      The guy needs medical attention.

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