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  • asdsdf asdsdf Jul 10, 1998 5:59 PM Flag

    Need some advise

    Your loss is chump change so far... (no offense)
    Don't fret. It will go up eventually. :-)

    should measure loss like WEB does... opportunity loss is
    much greater. We are fortunate that we can only live
    one life. If we could 'test run' other paths in life,
    and see the results, mass suicides would probably be
    common place....

    It's easy to say, "I shouldn't
    have stabbed that guy over $50 bucks" after you find
    yourself in jail. But have you ever asked yourself "I
    should have pursued an MBA when I was 25". or "I should
    have quit xxx company 5 years ago". Maybe if you
    picked the 'correct' paths, you'd be managing director
    on Wall Street, cashing in million dollar checks.
    Would you be worring about 4 shares of BrkB now? But
    remember, money is not everything. You (we) should all be
    worried about missing opportunities in life, which
    unfortunately finances plays a big part!

    Good thing we
    don't know what the 'correct' path is... :-)

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