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  • __zorak__ __zorak__ Jul 7, 1998 1:28 PM Flag

    GEICO Exposure from super cat insurance

    does anyone know how many super cat insurance
    policies GEICO has outstanding. these are policies GIECO
    write to otehr insurance companies, insuring the
    insurance company against large claims caused by widespread

    with all the fires in florida, heat waves
    in other states looking to blossom into lareg scale
    fires like in florida, expectations of a very sever
    hurrican season, GIECO could be exposed to very big claims
    this years.

    Buffet, writes about super cat
    policies in his anal reporst, saying that they are a good
    source of premiums. he warns tha twhile they do not have
    claims to pay on them fvery often, when they do the
    claims are very very big.

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    • You have something against weed?


    • This is, of course, the biggest bunch of bullshit we will read this week.

    • It is this bullshit war on drugs that is causing
      the crime problem in the inner cities. It's the white
      elite who hate minorities and are using drug laws
      against them. The middle class has ALWAYS hated the
      jazz/blues playing black folk who like to smoke a little
      hoochie every once in a while.


      PS: I
      REALLY REALLY miss smokin' weed...

    • You cant tell who is smart, who is dumb, and who
      is lazy just by looking at them... so I think it is
      unfair to judge people by their races.

      But, on
      the otherhand, I think it is entirely fair to
      categorize a person by what the majority of them do... Take
      the Japanese for example. 99.9% of them take of there
      shoes when entering the home. So is it unfair to
      categorize them on their shoes? Probably not.

      about Mexican workers in California. I've seen honest
      Mexican subcontractors and I've seen sneaky ones too. But
      yes, the majority of them steal small tools out of my
      garage, take home fruit off my trees, and even walk out
      with an old pair of shoes! I think... here I am rich
      and carefree. And them, poor enough to be stealing
      food. What about hardworking. They are by far the
      hardest working group I have seen. Can you blame me if I
      put everything out of sight and lock everything down
      when I hire subcontractors, especially

      How about blacks? Are they dumb just because they are
      black... I don't think so. What about crime? I've met a
      black mane who was more honest than I am. So, should
      you tag a black man as a criminal just because he is
      black. No way. BUT what about the majority? I believe
      the average life span of a newborn black American
      male is 21. So should I get flogged for avoiding black
      neighborhoods when driving my brand new Lexus?

      I think
      the vast majority of us are NOT racist... just

    • You are confusing hardworking & Lazy, with
      peoples race.color or religion......

      You guys are
      way smarter than me......

      I can't tell who is
      a good or bad worker. Just by looking at that
      person...I can't tell what religion or how intelligent they
      are either by just looking at someone.

      HOW DO
      YOU DO THAT.??????????

      May the WEB be with


    • Also forget those old outdated Euro-centric
      notions of hard work, merit, and competency. That stuffs
      all passe' now.

      What the fuck are you talking
      about dude? How many "white boys" you see out in the
      field picking your veggies? I'm 100% anglo but you have
      to admit that WE are the lazy bums. Mexicans are
      some of the hardest working people you will ever

      You are confusing Africans with Mexicans

      aka NAPART

    • Congratulations on your BRK holdings and a big
      hearty congratulation on your being "brown". Are you
      also a "victim of past discrimination", maybe you've
      been "oppressed" Well my friend you have hit paydirt
      bigtime. Forget WEB and're gonna look
      back on BRK stock like chump change. Also forget those
      old outdated Euro-centric notions of hard work,
      merit, and competency. That stuffs all passe' now. The
      real action for you is down in Washington. Here's
      three surefire plums in the new racial spoils system:
      1. You are automatically a "preferred bidder" when
      the FCC auctions off licenses [can be worth up to
      25%] 2.Your business is eligible to be DBE
      [Disadvantaged business enterprise] They got $6.4 billion in
      govt. contracts in 1996. 3.Your status as a "socially
      and economically disadvantaged person" qualifys you
      under the Small Business Administration set-asides
      worth a cool $14.4 billion in 1996. OOOPS.....I almost
      forgot a little extra sweetner.....the SBA's famous CASH
      BONUS program to prime contractors who sub out to
      minority owned firms......a form of bribery that uses
      tax-payer money for the payoff!! Oh geez Elk I almost
      forgot the most important question of all ....are you
      also female? If so, your luck doubles. Well that's
      enough sarcasm out of me......but I will say one thing
      in closing ......I lived in Bibb County Ga. in the
      late 40's and I saw black men in chains when I was a
      child. I also saw a black man break his own leg with a
      sledge hammer so he could get off the work gang. It made
      his white straw boss so mad he let the man lay
      squirming on the ground with the bone poking out before he
      called for the truck to carry him off. The government
      programs of the last 30 years were to make up for those
      hard times. How they ever got so distorted is beyond
      my ken.

    • right on... some people are more concerned with faggots...

    • As a "brown" BRK holder, I heartily agree that
      you ought to move to Europe.

      In fact, why not
      move right NOW? I suspect that the good old USA might
      even be a better place for it.

      Let's keep the
      discussion to Berkshire Hathaway, ok? In whatever
      intelligible language you choose.



    • Your right - I am sure there are English driving tests in Cuba - hehe.

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