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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jul 9, 1998 12:11 AM Flag

    GEICO Exposure from super cat insurance

    Congratulations on your BRK holdings and a big
    hearty congratulation on your being "brown". Are you
    also a "victim of past discrimination", maybe you've
    been "oppressed" Well my friend you have hit paydirt
    bigtime. Forget WEB and're gonna look
    back on BRK stock like chump change. Also forget those
    old outdated Euro-centric notions of hard work,
    merit, and competency. That stuffs all passe' now. The
    real action for you is down in Washington. Here's
    three surefire plums in the new racial spoils system:
    1. You are automatically a "preferred bidder" when
    the FCC auctions off licenses [can be worth up to
    25%] 2.Your business is eligible to be DBE
    [Disadvantaged business enterprise] They got $6.4 billion in
    govt. contracts in 1996. 3.Your status as a "socially
    and economically disadvantaged person" qualifys you
    under the Small Business Administration set-asides
    worth a cool $14.4 billion in 1996. OOOPS.....I almost
    forgot a little extra sweetner.....the SBA's famous CASH
    BONUS program to prime contractors who sub out to
    minority owned firms......a form of bribery that uses
    tax-payer money for the payoff!! Oh geez Elk I almost
    forgot the most important question of all ....are you
    also female? If so, your luck doubles. Well that's
    enough sarcasm out of me......but I will say one thing
    in closing ......I lived in Bibb County Ga. in the
    late 40's and I saw black men in chains when I was a
    child. I also saw a black man break his own leg with a
    sledge hammer so he could get off the work gang. It made
    his white straw boss so mad he let the man lay
    squirming on the ground with the bone poking out before he
    called for the truck to carry him off. The government
    programs of the last 30 years were to make up for those
    hard times. How they ever got so distorted is beyond
    my ken.

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