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  • troy48075 troy48075 Jul 23, 1998 4:54 PM Flag

    Stupid News Bulletins

    Why do the news bulletins continue to be so
    stupid. Who cares if BRK is buying a plane or not. If the
    news reporters were any good at all, they might
    address the seemingly forgotten fact that this stock is
    dropping like a rock. Instead of there being a single word
    about the price of the stock, all these people do is
    put not one, not two, but three bulletins on the
    board about that damned airplane. Come on now reporters
    or whoever you are, who are you and where do you
    come from? Forget the crap and let's get down to the
    real issues at hand, not some silly story that has
    nothing to do with fact that BRK has devalued a few
    hundred million dollars in the last couple of weeks and
    people are losing $500 to a $1000 per share per day.
    What morons.

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    • Mr. Cat:

      > Oh yes, WEB talks a lot
      about "buy and hold" and never to sell. > But,
      sometimes I wonder if that is what he is really

      > After all, he has bought and sold a number of
      holdings, as you > have mentioned.

      Why did he
      sell--because the stock price edged up a little (or a lot)? Or
      because something fundamental changed to cause him to no
      longer like the company?

    • Oh yes, WEB talks a lot about "buy and hold" and
      never to sell. But, sometimes I wonder if that is what
      he is really like. I do not want to express such an
      opinion loudly because there are too many believers.
      After all, he has bought and sold a number of holdings,
      as you have mentioned. Thus, I will not be surprised
      to hear one day that he has sold his Coke holdings
      or his Amer. Exp. holdings or his Wells Fargo
      holdings, etc. I am almost convinced that his TRV holdings
      will be gone before long. At the WSC annual meeting,
      Munger did not sound too happy about the TRV, CCI
      merger. Coke may be difficult, but who knows. If that
      analysis has some truth in it, it is better to buy BRK.
      But, in a downdraft, it is going to suffer more than
      it has suffered before because of financial overload
      (including GRN). Although, I did buy AXP and sold after
      sometime. Of course, he is holding on to it and is
      increasing his holdings from what I hear.

      thanks for your comments. You are thoughtful and I would
      appreciate your thoughts in general.

    • wal*mart investment is 1 year old at least. don't
      know about ARW but you have to be carefull following
      WEB on small (for him)investments. at one time he
      owned 4.99% of Gannet, just under the limit where he
      didn't have to report his actions. If he still owned gci
      it would be right at the $750,000,000 mark (i think)
      where he would have to report it. web bought at 50, i
      bought at 58 and sold out at 120, it's gone up to 140
      (70 with split) and i've never heard about web
      selling. i would have liked to keep the gci but was glad
      to have the gain and feared higher paper prices. web
      already has a double on wmt, he may be out already. i
      sold pnc, mcd when web did. i'm about to come around
      to just buying brk, it's easier, it beats an index
      fund, and the market is scarily high. gap i believe is
      a small purchase by a brk subsidiary and not a
      major web purchase. on that one you may not be
      following web. a lot of little purchases you hear about but
      don't hear about the selling (bmy, ust). often the
      rumors about web buying end up being true. i heard he
      was buying inflation adjusted bonds, scary.

    • Just want to tell the world that my complete
      networth except my 401k, has been converted to BRK/b. I've
      convinced my sis-n-law, and mom-n-law to do the

      And I feel great!!!!! I even bought some at 2650 and
      I don't care.

    • Do you (or anyone else) know if BRK holds ARW? At
      one time (about one year ago), the news indicated
      that BRK bought some ARW (Arrow Electronics). Since
      then, the stock has really gone down. I wonder about it
      since I have some of ARW. Thanks for your comments.

      Also, I think that Wal-Mart and Gap are
      recent additions.

    • I didn't kno whether to leave it or not, but
      anything to cheer you up! You said you were going to buy
      monday, and because of one of your posts, I KNOW you are
      a gambling man. But i'll bet you 5 bucks that I can
      pick up my shares HIGHER than you can. Fortunately
      with this one we aren't shaving points.

    • Mr. Troy:

      > the seemingly forgotten
      fact that this stock is dropping like a

      No, it isn't. You don't seem to know what dropping
      like a rock is. Take JJFN. It fell from $6.75 a share
      to $0.12 (12 cents) in a year or so.

      BRK is
      "wiggling" down a little bit. Considering it had run up from
      $1500 to nearly $2800 in 4 months, a drop of a few
      hundred bucks doesn't matter.

      People on this board
      haven't "forgotten" that the stock price has dropped.
      We're all calculating at what price to make another

      If you bought this stock as day trader, then YOU,
      sir, are the moron.

      The market price on any
      given day can fluctuate. This stock fluctuates less
      than most--less, in fact, than any other in my
      portfolio. The intrinsic value does not change so rapidly.
      But perhaps you've never heard that term before?

    • Actually I am in agreement with you. But, like
      you I think, I don't want to second guess Buffett. I
      "knew" this fucker was going down after the announcement
      and it look like I should have sold. 20% cap gains
      vs. 14% drop in price vs. the 16% it's going to take
      to recover is cutting it close. Oh well, it's too
      lake now, time to buy more.


    • Dairy Queen was wholly bought by BRK and is not a publicly traded company. BRK owns the whole thing.

    • The WSJ reported that part of the reason for the run-up in silver prices are rumors that Buffett is buying again.

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