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  • ru2bz_ ru2bz_ Jul 27, 1998 1:18 PM Flag

    down 16% from 84000

    I think this correction is over. If rumors about
    BRK being put in s/p 500 are true it should give a
    boost to the stock. At any rate, there's too many
    bears, too much short interest, for it to fall much

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    • Wow, that was a horror story. I feel exactly as
      you do about the cheaper brokers. They would scare
      me, so I guess Schwab is the lesser of the evils if
      we want to trade. I do hope the market is good
      today. I am off work and will be watching closly. This
      week was torture for two days. My cpq and wcom are
      looking good. I am buying a few more BRK B's soon if this
      slide continues. Have a good day,

    • Yeah, I almost got dicked by Schwab too.
      placed a short order, then later cancelled it. Going
      through my status page a hour later, I find my short
      order executed! I call Schwab and the guy I spoke with
      told me that was the risk I had to take trading
      through the web. Whoa!!!! What an answer!
      He said I
      can dispute it, so I asked him to enter a claim. I
      also closed (buy) my short immediately afterwards per
      his advice. A week later, I notice that my claim was
      'resolved'. They literally wiped out all record of my short
      order. But the buyback to cover my short was not
      deleted, which meant that now I owned that stock! So I
      call up again and log a second complaint...

      The scary part was when I called the second time. I
      spoke with a very nice lady working in Pheonix. She
      gave me her name, her extension, and read the original
      complaint back to me from her terminal. She even gave me
      the name of the person who initally logged my first

      The Chairmans Division (real fancy name wouldn't you
      say??) handled the matter for me. But, --now get this--
      they ask me for names! And I gave them names and
      extensions. They call me back a few days later and tell me
      there are no such persons working at Schwab by that
      name! The very nice girl, the original person that I
      talked with, the extension numbers, and even the first
      complaint (that the girl in Pheonix read back to me
      later!!) was not in their computer anymore!!! Do you know
      how I felt after that? I felt like they just bent me
      over while greasing up a baseball bat!!

      A few
      days later, the guy at the chairman's division called
      me up and told me that they could not locate the
      tape or any other proof, but since the issue has been
      dragging on, they will give me the benefit of the doubt
      and credit my account. Bull Shit!!... is all I can
      say. Somebody was trying to cover up a fuck

      Anyway, I got really worked up.... and as you can tell, I
      am getting worked up just thinking about my

      I think if I ran into something similar with one of
      these smaller, less reputable places, I probably would
      not have had a favorable judgement... That's why, I'm
      still at Schwab, even though I can make trades for 1/6
      their commission.

    • Just like last summer, a little opportunity here
      it catches it second wind, need a little setback to
      make you
      feel good when you buy right. I top ticked
      a few, so I can
      now average down a few shares.
      Good Luck.

    • Anyhow to finish with I first bought BRKA ,
      whenever, at $24,000. Cost me $350 or so to buy and it was
      my idea. The broker at Edwards Jones could not
      execute for 5 hours, kept calling me back, said he was
      trying to get instructions. Cost more than $490 to sell
      that first share. That is the price we pay for being
      in an elite group. ha ha.

    • Hi, yes Scwab did pull a # on me. I don't have
      much time now, but ask any questions and I will get
      back to you tomorrow. By the way, so did a full
      service (Edward Jones & Co.) with their fee, and not
      knowing how to buy this stock. I'll tell you that later.
      Anyhow, before June 16, I decided I wanted to sell 1/2 of
      one A. The price was going down and I had other uses.
      I called Schwab to find out my options koowing I
      wanted to sell soon, but not immediately, and (my
      mistake- I did not get a name) but I knew exactly what
      time I called, etc. The representative assured me they
      could convert immediately, etc. Well on 6/16/97 I
      watched our baby go down and thought it the day to sell
      15 B's. Wrong. The guy said (and I did get his name)
      someone steered me wrong. I had to sign some crap etc. I
      knew the exact time I called, but of course they could
      no trace the call. BS. I just said sell it all now.
      I called that night and complained, and the next
      day a rep called and still insisted that I had to
      know the name of the indv. who originally supplied me
      with the BS info. To make a long story short, after it
      tanked a bit more I jsut bought back 15 B's. I didn't
      pursue anything. Someone is home, have to go. Ask any
      questions you want and I'll finish this later. Glad the
      market is going up, but being a Berksherite now is not
      so good. But look at our gain recently. We are
      probably too high. Bye.

    • Right On Greg!
      Buying season is upon us. Mark my post, in a few weeks some of us will say "Why didn't I buy when I had the chance".

    • <<<An A can be traded for 30 B's but not
      immediately. Not by Schwab anyhow. I found out the hard way.

      Did Schwab pull a number on you? I would like to hear
      what your experience was during the


    • this is a burp in the longest bull market in
      history and an excellent opportunity to add to your
      holdings. The boomers have been brainwashed into the
      buy/hold mentality and this market is going nowhere but UP
      for the next 15 years.


    • <<No-one wants to here a bunch of pompous
      accountant wannabees bickering over some weird definition.
      Napart said it
      all, the web FUCKED us. WEB is no
      humble good ol' boy looking out for shareholders, he's
      an arch insurance fiend,
      the Mr. Moriarity,
      Sherlock's nemesis, of Wall St. SELL, SELL, SELL while you
      have the chance. BEFORE it's too


      <<No-one>> Who-is no-one? <<wants to here>>
      Here, there, everywhere. Did you mean hear? <<a
      bunch>> as in grapes or bananas? Did you mean to say a
      group, or a flock, or a herd? <<of pompous>>
      at least you spelled it right <<accountant
      wannabees>> it beats guessing, but in all modesty, I don't
      have the capacity to do real accounting
      <<bickering over some weird definition>> Sorry, I'm not
      following you at all here (or hear, as you may

      <<Napart said it all>> Now here's something we can
      agree on. He's working now on that "life is too long"
      puzzle. Hint: drugs work. Good you've found yourself a
      positive role model. <<This next part I won't even
      repeat>> If you're long, this must be the new math. Unless
      you bought just recently and didn't bother to read
      WEB's repeated warning not to buy if you couldn't stand
      to see your investment cut in half, short

      <<he's an arch insurance fiend>> Like in the comic

      <<SELL, SELL, SELL>> As they
      say on the other boards (this board being a little
      more sophisticated, generally) reveal your position.
      Are you short? We have heard rumors of people with
      enough guts to short this stock, and it certainly would
      have been a profitable position the last few weeks. If
      you are short, you're the first short to ever post on
      this board, I think.

      If you're long, why are
      you advising others to sell while you hold

      If you're not short or long, I think I understand.
      You're just shooting off your mouth.

      Have a nice

    • Mr. Ftex:

      See ya in Omaha next year. :)

      I'll be the big guy with or without bear wearing the DiamondWare T-Shirt. :)

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