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  • spyderweb_97 spyderweb_97 Jul 28, 1998 7:47 PM Flag


    USC? University of Spoiled Children?

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    • <<< I haven't given one cent to my old
      alma mater since ...>>>
      Not me! I donated
      3 cents! On 3 occasions... because they were so
      persistant! I didn't get on-campus parking for all 4 years,
      and they tear down a parking structure to build a new
      faculty building. What's wrong with this picture???

    • Scrulez
      I'm sorry, I didn't mean for my post
      to be an attack on a personal

      And...No, I didn't apply to USC. I got a National Merit
      freeride at OSU (not Oklahoma, Not Oregon... go Bucks!).
      But I don't think I would have been able to get a
      freeride out of state, let alone out of country.

      don't want to take anything away from YOU. You are
      obviously very smart and I am happy for you and your
      opportunity. It just kind of irked me that you were "bragging"
      about your freeride to the very taxpayers that made
      your (and my) education possible. A "Don't bite the
      hand that fed you" sort of thing.

      let's just stop this back and forth crap and hope that
      BRK can go down to $2200 so i can pick up a few
      shares, ah? >>

      I can assure you that BRK
      will slide way below 2200, because my basis is

      Good Luck.

    • As long as the educational establishment is
      taking those positions, there is little hope for the
      free exchange of ideas. They have no tolerance for a
      traditional point of view. They either believe all of their
      crap, or as you stated, they're afraid of committing
      career suicide.

    • be a physicist, a mathematician, not a CPA or a
      lawyer. jesus, what are you after, money? money means
      nothing; the struggle is fiercest when the stakes are low
      (anytime money is involved)

      that's what's nice
      about the market, nothing at stake in the long run, so,
      even though the risks feel great they are really

    • You guys got to get hip to the new academic canon
      of.......Multiculturalism & Diversity. Why it's practically a dicipline of
      it's own!! My wife's working on her doctorate and is a
      graduate teaching assistant and if she were to dare raise
      the points that you guys made she would be shunned in
      the English Dept. No one could dare to challenge the
      Political Correctness thought police without committing
      career suicide. You think I'm kidding? way !! My
      wife won't let me go to faculty receptions.......she's
      afraid I'll punch out somebody. BTW.....last time I
      checked USC was they can do as they
      please. I haven't given one cent to my old alma mater
      since they established a Co-ordinator for Gay and
      Lesbian Rights. If they got $80,000 a year to pay her
      they don't need my donation. The beat goes on.

    • Is that all have to say on BRK board? What
      community college did u go to? What, jelous that SC didn't
      take u? Or better yet, you probably couldn't afford
      it? I thought so. Well, to make a long story short,
      how much you made when you were 23? Chances are
      much,much less than me. So until you say something useful
      on this board, stick your lips ... well, u know
      where (u put it there everyday, since no female in the
      right mind who touch that ugly 2 inch erect

      p.S. All other replies by you will NOT be read by me,
      so please do not feel obligatede to answer this
      message. spend more time reading SEC fillings. You might
      actually learn something USEFUL for a change. By the way
      the page address is WWW.SEC.GOV. Enjoy.

      if i offended anyone. I have to stand up for my
      school. I was taught that in TrojanPride 101. :)

      Good night.

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