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  • paco_ahlgren paco_ahlgren Aug 13, 1998 10:56 AM Flag

    partnership vs. corporation


    This isn't the forum for this
    debate. You have my email address and I will accept
    further responses there.

    >>Do not equivocate
    "dogmatism" with "certainty".

    Objective reality exists
    independent of human theories and assessments. "Certainty"
    cannot exist -- that would imply that at least one human
    has a monopoly on "truth". There is no such thing as
    a human being with the the exact formula to the
    universe -- not you or me or Ayn

    <<Dogmatism is the mindless adherence to either an arbitrary
    <<premise (e.g. that god exists), or a false premise (e.g.
    the <<world is flat).

    All premises are
    arbitrary -- unless you believe that Ayn Rand was the one
    human being with every correct theory about the nature
    of reality. I don't think

    >>Certainty is the refusal to grant the skeptic's slaim that
    >>"perhaps" you might be wrong.

    That's dogmatism.
    Every theory has the potential to be wrong, regardless
    of evidenciary support. To claim "certainty" is to
    claim omnipotence. That isn't

    >>1) existence exists

    This is a tautology . .

    >> 2) things exist, posessing identity

    in turn causes this to be a fallacy . .

    >> 3) consciousness exists, posessing awareness of

    and also causes this to be fallacious . .

    >>They ignore that it is an explicit statement founding
    an >>objective metaphysics, and think that
    it's no more meaningful >>than to utter "a dog
    is a dog".

    . . . another tautology -- I see
    their point.

    <<Popper is nother more than
    a skeptic; his tyrade is against certainty, against
    man knowing for sure. His so-called defense of
    science is an attack on that on which science rests:

    If man can "know for sure", then which man is it? It
    seems to me that I have never met to people who agree
    on absolutely everything, which suggests that only
    ONE person can have this "certainty" of which you
    speak. Which man is it? Is it Ayn

    <<P.S. If Nathaniel Brandon appeals to you with his
    sneering, and Barbara Brandon appeals to you with her
    snipes and her attempts to find feet of clay under Ayn
    Rand, then that says a lot about

    Nathaniel and Barbara Branden appeal to me as much as Ayn
    Rand, but no more. Their ideas are fundamentally
    flawed. Certainty cannot exist. If every human being
    ceased to exist, for whatever reason, reality would
    continue. Human reason and so-called "certainty" would be
    meaningless to an objective reality.

    Ahlgren -- former

    p.s. - I am re-reading THE FOUNTAINHEAD right now.
    Valuable stuff -- but not as an assessment of the nature
    of reality.

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