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  • Sunbeam727 Sunbeam727 Aug 7, 1998 11:00 AM Flag

    Bad Judgement!

    While most of the BRK stock holders still have a
    great return for the year to brag about, I bought it at
    its all time high with confidence that you can not go
    wrong with WEB at the helm of affairs. The stock has
    consistently been coming down from that time, although I am in
    it for the long haul but the trend that I have
    experienced makes me nervous.

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    • You just joined the club! The day WEB announced
      the GRN deal I had earlier placed a sell at 80 and a
      buy at 74, for the last year whenever it reached an
      obscene high it immediately retreated. WEBstiming as
      always is perfect.The shit hit the fan and you bought.
      My sell went thru before I saw the notice and you
      probably got my share! Well it cost me a grand to get back
      in at 81 cause things went nutso all the way to
      84.But no sniviling alowed,you play-you pay,the gains
      are still there.theres comfort in that kind of
      hindsite .

    • ... check out :

      WB as usual is way ahead of the pack. By the 4th qt
      you should be
      doing well after the GRN deal is
      finalized. Check out the results
      of the YAHOO article on
      today's prices(GRN/BRK).

      Good luck to all.

    • ........Sunbeam, if they ever held a Bad
      Judgement parade, I would be Grand Marshall. I passed on
      BRK in '79, '84, '88 and '90...........thought it was
      way too expensive! Finally at the "B" ipo I started
      buying and managed to catch the dips it seems whenever I
      bought. What the heck....if I was clairvoyant I would be
      at Laurel racetrack betting the ponys........the
      beat goes on......

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      • Well, bobo, for some unknown reason I also have
        something strange happen to me.

        Whenever I buy any
        stock, it immediately goes down and stays under what I
        bought it for a while.

        Why that happens, I have
        no idea. It could be either a bias in my
        observations (that is, I am seeing what is not actually
        happening) or, more likely, a statistical fluke (like five
        tails in a row). But maybe it is something else. It
        happened too often.

        Eventually, things worked out
        OK after I held on for a while, but I am still

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