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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Aug 12, 1998 11:54 AM Flag

    Buffett buying Pepsi?

    ..........if this were true WEB would have to resign from the board of Coke wouldn't he? In past writings he's expressed great loyalty to Coke calling it one of BRK's "core holdings"

    • I think he would, if he thinks it is a good buy.
      I don't think he would have to resign from the
      board, unless somehow he gained a major stake it it
      (over 5%).

      He has shown he doesn't mind holding
      stocks of competitors, e.g., Dairy Queen &

      (Although he sold some MCD, he stated at the annual meeting
      he still has quite a bit of it, not enough to meet
      the $750MM reporting criteria for the annual report)

    • Pepsi is the biggest steal in the S&P500 right
      now. Almost totally immune to economic forces such as
      Asia, and with two of the dominant brand names in the
      U.S. in Pepsi and Frito Lay. Regardless of that fact,
      I know there are some things more important to WEB
      than money, and one of them is the trust and respect
      of Doug Ivester and the rest of the people at Coke.
      Buying Pepsi is out of the question for WEB in my humble
      He has said many times that he'll pass up a good
      deal if he doesn't feel right about it, even if there
      is easy money to be made. This fits into that

    • I don't see PEP in the future. Mr. Buffett has said he prefers to invest in the leader of an industry and has also expressed disdain for "turnaround company" plays.

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