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  • gailrick gailrick Sep 3, 1998 10:39 PM Flag

    Is BRKA a Good Buy? A historical perspec

    I am tired of being called names, freaks and
    I am tired of being told that baby investors are
    supporting me.
    Please kids. Let's all respect each other.
    Warren works every day. I work every day. You work every
    day. We all invest..let's have respect.

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    • Problem is, some people don't work!
      posting their message on this board are
      the typical
      non-Gates types of surfers,
      nothing to do, surfing in
      their office
      on company time, while their boss is
      not watching!

      BTW, these people aren't genuine
      BRK owners,
      they are just trying to .... I don't
      know what their
      purposes are, I don't need to waste
      time thinking
      about this.

      Our country will
      see her GNP leapfrog
      if these people will wake up
      and DO SOME REAL WORK!

    • Lets wait until a stock gets to its all time
      high; buy it; then cry like a little baby and (worse
      yet) blame somebody like the chairman for the stock
      price falling.

      I'm wondering exactly how you
      expect Warren Buffett to reach out and help you? Well...
      how can he?

      Buy a box of tissue and go away.
      Not for 3 months (a long term period for someone as
      immature as you) but about 5 years. You will very likely
      make a nice amount of money.

      But, of course,
      you want your money now. Just like the kindergarded
      twins I have at home. They think 5 seconds is a long
      time and they blame me when they are

      Come to my house. You fit in nicely.

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