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  • asdsdf asdsdf Sep 4, 1998 4:00 AM Flag

    Is BRKA a Good Buy? A historical perspec

    Sorry to hear that you are down over 25%. (if you
    held on) But, let me add that we are all down 25%,
    regardless of when Brk was bought. Those who bought when Brk
    was say, $10,000 still lost over $20k per share from
    the peak. Most would counter that they are still up
    $50k, and have nothing to worry about. But this is
    simply not true.

    No doubt, through hard work,
    you saved $60,000, (probably more). But since you
    have only one life, you will never know if you could
    have saved more by making better
    career/educational/social choices earlier in life. You can only wonder
    where you would be now had you pursued a PhD or an MBA
    or even professional golf.

    Imagine yourself
    taking a different path 10 years ago. You are now a
    professional belly dancer, touring all of South America. You
    are famous and enormously wealthy.

    But because
    you did not take the belly-dancer fork in the road,
    you lost big time! An opportunity that cost you say,
    5 million. In that respect a $20k loss is chump
    change. You've already lost $4,940,000. What's another
    $20,000? (I know it doesn't feel that way though, because
    you have to make a living with what you have...
    that's why they say invest only risk

    Even Warren Buffet says his biggest mistakes are
    errors of ommission...

    If it'll make you feel any
    better, look at Greg, AKA Napart, AKA YKWTFIAM (You Know
    Who The Fuck I Am).... he down $100,000 from the
    peak... and has been mysteriously silent lately. Greg,
    You still there? :-)

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