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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Sep 7, 1998 8:13 PM Flag

    tomorrow will be very interesting.......

    ........given Greenspan's speech late Friday.
    We'll see if that, combined with the holiday break will
    calm volitility.........something that we need before
    the upcoming shareholders meeting..........

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    • thanks, i appreciate your input.

    • .........It's been over two weeks since I called
      GRN, but at that time the official party line was
      still ....."some time in the 4th quarter pending
      government approval"......whether we learn more specifics I
      guess depends on what questions WEB will take next week
      at the meeting.....good luck in your pending "b"

    • What is the exact date of the GRN/BRK deal? I am
      going to pick up some "b" shares before then. I still
      go back to late June '98 on Wall street Week when
      Laslo Birini stated that his favorite stock for the
      rest of '98 was BRK "b" shares.

    • You can convert an A share for thirty B's an any
      time, so therefore a B share will always be (plus or
      minus a few dollars) 1/30th of the value of BRKa. You
      cannot convert B's to A's.

      Our one share of A was
      given to us on Dec. 18, 1997 and was valued at $46,100.
      Until recently we saw it go steadly upward to $84,000.
      It dropped 5 0r 6 thousands on several occasions
      during that perod, but never stayed there for long. It
      is down where it is now because of panic selling --
      no other reason. After the merger with GRN and after
      Buffett gets through with making some good buys in this
      down market it will soar again.

      If your
      building project will not be underway before early Oct,
      you should see a good gain over the next several
      months. If you are dealing with an online brocker and
      getting low brokerage fees as we are then the cost of
      sellig your B shares a few at a time will be relatively

      God Bless!

    • The price of BRKa should always be approximately
      30x the price of BRKb. Thus the correlation should be
      1.0. The advantage of owning the B shares is
      incremental liquidity. As other posts have mentioned, if you
      need to raise less than $60,000, you can. The
      advantage of owning the A shares is greater voting rights
      (not that it matters, Mr. Buffett will still own
      effective control with about 35% of the stock after the
      merger with General Re). The other advantage of owning
      the A shares is being able to direct your portion of
      Berkshire's charitable contriubtions each year to the charity
      of your choice (I don't know the specifics of how
      this works as I own the B shares). Good luck in timing
      your sale! You may want to consult a good chart
      reader. I think most Berkshire investors (me included)
      are lousy at reading charts and picking short-term
      swings. We tend to have a more long-term view. The one
      thing I've noticed since the B shares have been alive
      is that the price of Berkshire tends to take off in
      the months preceding the Spring shareholders meeting.
      This may be coincidence, however.

    • ...if any of you are true Berkshire shareholders
      who believe in the investing philosophies espoused by
      Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham, is a further decline
      in the market. That is what I would desparately

      As for market forecasts, if anybody knew the market
      was going to fall in Aug. why didn't they tell
      anybody in Jan? If they didn't know in Jan. why should
      anybody believe they know now? To paraphrase Peter Lynch,
      market forecasters have predicted 41 of the last 9
      declines in the market.

      Point? It's a waste of
      brain power trying to figure out what the market
      will/will not do. Be happy when the market tanks and pick
      up what you want.

      The Toronto
      Investment Club

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      • I agree with your post that points out that those
        whom truly live by Graham/Buffets' teachings should
        want a further decline in the market. I'll even take
        it one step further....a market decline at this
        point in time - when the world's greatest invester is
        about to gain control of a tremendous amount of premium
        float - is even more attractive than it would normally
        be. It amazes me how many BRK shareholders do not
        espouse the philosophy of Mr. Buffett, instead focusing
        on short term market gyrations.

      • ...........a steep market decline is a worrisome
        thing to me..........the investment opportunity is
        bittersweet.....too much human suffering goes with it... ..go down to
        the unemployment line and tell the guy with three
        kids to feed what a great chance he's gonna have now
        to load up on BRK..........then duck.......

    • I work with a charity that received a donation of
      this stock a little over a month ago. The shares were
      just transfered to our account last week. The donor
      suggested we hold through the current downward trend. I
      know very little about this stock, and would welcome
      any input.

      • 1 Reply to midasinv
      • sept 8, 1998

        your charity has been truely
        blessed. The donor has given your npo the best of all
        possible gifts !

        in the good times
        berkshire-hathaway will outperform the s&p 500 by 5 to 25+ percent.
        In the bad times brk will never do as badly as the
        index. You now possess a security which gives you all
        the advantages of the best mutual fund and none of
        the disadvantages.
        you will pay no fees, no taxes
        on distributions, no exhorbitant saleries to ill
        prepared-high turnover fund managers and yet your charity has
        become a junior partner to the wisest investment manager
        of all time - who has made a commitment to serve for
        life and beyond.

        you may sleep soundly at night
        knowing that over the long term this asset will help your
        charity to grow and grow. You could borrow against this
        asset - but never sell it - because there is no other
        security you can buy that consistently provides
        significantly above average return on investment combined with
        the lowest possible risk. This investment has a
        moodys 3a rating and when the crunch comes it will be
        safer than u.s. Treasury bonds. The u.s has a 5+
        trillion debt. Brk has zero debt and 7.12 billlion in cash
        reserves-growing rapidly. If the brk.a or brk.b market price
        remains the same, or falls, buy some more shares. This
        current time provides an excellent buying opportunity
        that we may not see again for a year and

        this security is my number one choice for an
        individual, for a family trust, for reserves of a corporate
        entity - either a profit or non-profit organization. For
        additional reference - your library will have a copy of "the
        warren buffett way; investment strategies of the world's
        greatest investor" by robert g. Hagstrm, jr. Also review
        the home page and the
        chairman's letter to stockholders in the current and back
        issues of all annual reports. This will give you an
        excelent introduction into the mind of a straight talking
        estremely honest man who shares his philosophy and his
        investment approach with you.

        all the best of
        if i can be of any further assistance, please do not
        hesitate to reach paul at falkland investments. E-mail:

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