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  • profett25 profett25 Sep 19, 1998 12:10 PM Flag

    Join me..........

    in calling every representative and senator and
    asking for a full investigation of the radical right
    influence in Starr's investigation and demanding a stop to
    what amounts to a witchhunt. This President has
    brought us economic prosperity, and the radical right is
    determined to bring the country and the world to its
    economic knees so they can blame it on the democrats and
    seize power. If an investigator with unlimited budget
    went after any one of us, how much dirt could he find?

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    • it's not about "dirt" it's about fucking

      Clit-man hasn't brought us shit. He's a figurehead, the
      Republican Congress is responsible for any econimic

      As a FIGUREHEAD we need to show the world that we
      are a nation of laws, not men.

      Clinton and his
      band of liars need to go.


      • 2 Replies to miska598
      • If the President is only a figurehead and the
        Republican Congress deserves the kudos, Reagan's
        accomplishment was a sham and the Democrats who controlled the
        Congress at the time were responsible for the "great
        economy" under Reagan? Taking this further, when both the
        presidency and the congress were under Republican control
        and the the deficit was zooming out of control into
        orbit, the Republicans were responsible? Why were the
        Republicans crowing about what the President had done for the
        economy then?

        Also, if the president is just a
        figurehead, why blame him when the market shows signs of
        crashing? Would it not be fair to blame the Republican
        controlled Congress? Those who really paid attention noted
        that when the damage was not as great as expected from
        airing the tape of his grilling by the Starr Chamber the
        market breathed a sigh of relief and regained over 180
        points. One would think, that if he's so ineffectual and
        has no influence over the economy because he's but a
        figurehead, the markets would care not one whit about his

        You cannot have it both ways.

        As for lying
        under oath...the deposition regarding Lewinsky's
        consensual relationship (sexual or not) should not have been
        allowed in the Paula Jones sexual harrassment case, in
        the first place. As such, it should not have been
        admissible and, therefore, stricken from the record.
        Further, according to none other than a former Special
        Prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, simply lying under oath does not
        constitute perjury, unless the lie is material to the case,
        which it wasn't, especially, given that the case was
        thrown out of court.

        Ergo, Starr, who had been
        consulting on and coaching attorneys in the Paula Jones
        case, prior to assuming the mantle of Special
        Prosecutor should have had no legal basis for dragging said
        deposition into the Grand Jury.

        Sophisticated people
        know a witch hunt when they see one and will not
        tolerate it beyond a certain point. Gone are the days of
        Joe McCarthy. Hello, Ken Starr.

        Keep your
        drapes closed and spray for bugs. This hypocritical and
        political hack, in search of the truth, couldn't see it
        being murdered by his former Tobacco Industry clients
        who lied before Congress and the country. Where was
        his zeal in pursuing them?

        If Henry Hyde was
        youthful at 41 when he started being indiscreet during a
        four year affair and ended it when he was 45(?), the
        President was not youthful at 48? Not that that
        extra-marital affair was Hyde's first or last, if one is to
        believe the daughter of his erstwhile paramour.

        Orrin Hatch is oblivious or turns a blind eye to the
        rampant polygamy and teenage wives in his home state,
        draining millions of tax payer dollars for their welfare

        Dan Burton sired a bastard, who probably required
        state assistance at one time or another.

        call it intimidation when their own hypocrisy is
        bared. Is it not intimidation for the baring the same
        about the president?
        What's good for the goose ought
        to be good for the gander.

        Some of these
        Republicans, but not all, think nothing of intruding into
        people's personal lives but feel that corrupt corporate
        boardrooms that sustain them with political contributions
        should be sacrosanct in the interests of a free economy.
        No morals for business but tarnation and hell fire
        for the private citizen.

        Apologies for the
        rant and being off topic...but more people need to
        respond to political sniping or allow hypocrisy to reign
        supreme...on either side of the aisle. Or people ought not
        bring up off topic issues and not expect

        Meanwhile, the time does seem ripe for buying more Berk-b...

      • <<it's not about "dirt" it's about fucking
        You are absolutely right!! Clinton should get fired
        for lying under oath. But for holding back on 8 out
        of 10 blow jobs, I give him the Golden Rubber Award.
        What the hell was he trying to prove?

        Low-in-ski?... she's a slut! Too bad she'll make millions on
        books, videos and cigar commercials.

    • I agree with your comments, and I'm not even a
      registered Democrat. There WERE some potentially great
      leaders in this country but now few will come forward and
      none will be elected. Not that I think he would make a
      great president but George Bush, Jr. is one of the
      first to bow out with his announcement that he's having
      second thoughts about running in 2000. Kemp, McCain,
      Lott, Gingrich, Cheney -- all Republicans of great
      ability -- all have skeletons in their closets. Notice
      who is silent through all this hullabaloo: Bush
      (Sr.), Dole, Armey, Helms. I don't wonder why. Al Gore
      is getting my vote. Who cares about alleged campaign
      finance irregularities. All parties are guilty; none want
      to change and give up the "soft" money. I hope I
      have the opportunity to vote for Hillary in some
      future national election.

    • I remember the last time we had a crook in the
      White House that desperately needed the ax. Nixon and
      all his egg sucking minions screamed WITCHHUNT! Right
      wing hypocrits widely excused Tricky Dick for his
      felonies because "everyone does it" and "its just that he
      got caught" and "what about all the others who do the
      same but haven't gotten caught?" and "why can't they
      just leave the guy alone to run the country?" The most
      disappointing thing about the Vast LEFT Wing Conspiracy is
      their total equality with the Nixon excusers. What
      trash they were.

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