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  • foxxygramps foxxygramps Sep 21, 1998 11:19 AM Flag

    Join me..........

    Before we get back to WEB, GRN, and other
    lucrative issues.

    No, I want Clinton gone. I hire
    charming people for salesmen, but I do not want one
    running the show. Clinton has no core values, and he
    thinks too much like a lawyer--what I did doesn't
    matter, so long as I say the right things about

    I do think that it is ironic that Henry Hyde,
    confessed adulterer and home wrecker, is chosen to sit in
    judgment on Clinton. And Helen Chenoweth and Dan Burton
    will vote, even though they did everything Bill did
    and more.

    Of my stocks, 22 are down today, 2
    up. It seems to me that below a correction (10%), and
    a bear market (20%) you may see a Starr market--no
    limits. Of course WEB will smile, lick his lips, and buy.

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