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  • miska598 miska598 Sep 19, 1998 4:49 PM Flag

    Join me..........

    It's not about the pussy.... he's a liar, a purjurer and an asshole.


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    • Your spelling reminds me of Dan Quale' s potatoe.
      Of course that is all true. But so are most of the
      people judging him. Do you think that Henry Hyde, who
      was married at the time and still is, carried on a 7
      year affair and never told a lie? I know my I.Q., so
      you may call me an idiot without affecting me ( it
      means an I.Q. below 70, like Greg). OK, I do not know
      your intelligence level, but you do not know mine

      If you are going to clean out the
      adulterers and liars, do the job right or do not start.

      • 1 Reply to foxxygramps
      • ........again, the issue is not Starr, not
        scoundrels in Congress, not the media......but what to do
        about a President whose negative effect on the market
        drags on and on.......if he resigns, the market goes
        down, but at least the "Clinton issue" will be
        over.....and the market can get back to worrying full time
        about Asia, corporate profits, deflation
        ect.ect..........the normal concerns........Comments?

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