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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Sep 25, 1998 4:50 PM Flag

    Block trades

    ............It wouldn't surprise me if WEB is
    behind these huge transactions........there were
    persistant rumors this summer that Buffet was looking at the would fit a lot of his criteria as far as being a
    well established company dominant in their
    sector.......low P/E right now of 7.2........way down from their
    high...........problem is that the agricultural sector is hurting right
    now..........guess Buffet might figure they've been down so long
    it's time for a turn around, huh.

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    • Checked into Deere stock--looks like profits will
      be down
      the next two years.

      Farm income is
      not coming back real fast!

      All that new
      technology is finally showing up on third world
      farms, so
      those countries dont need as much American

      Check out Yahoo! stock 15 to 125 in a couple of year
      and run
      by a Chinaman!

      • 1 Reply to Charlestonideas
      • Nobody's asking you to buy Deere. But how are
        third world farms going to become so productive without
        modern farm equipment? The problem is that developing
        countries can't afford as many tractors in the near future.
        Of course, this will eventually lead to declining
        productivity and larger demands for US grain, IMO.

        we're not interested in your apparently comprehensive
        racial theories here. And what's the deal calling Jerry
        Yang a Chinaman, right after extolling the
        assimilation of European immigrants on Nebraska soil? What we
        care about is whether you were as insightful as your
        BRK-buying forebears, purchasing YHOO a year and a half

        There are a lot of smart people reading this thread.
        Let them talk for a change. <g>

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