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  • Charlestonideas Charlestonideas Oct 7, 1998 3:10 AM Flag

    Here we go........

    Al Gore's father played a great fiddle.

    looks like he went to school in Washington--so

    Just like my son, who also went to school the
    Washington DC area--so serious.

    Maybe Al should take
    up the fiddle!

    Question--could the Secretary
    of State become president--because she is not a
    natural born citizen? I think Madalene if fourth

    I think Robert Rubin would do just fine--if he
    really wants the job. Newt? He needs to start working
    out a little. Trent? Has he ever had an original

    If Ross runs again in 2000, I have to
    vote for him! He may be crazy, but he is so much fun!
    His wife, children, and grandchildren are all very
    nice. When he gets too carried away, his wife is great
    with him. She when to school in Baltimore--Gaucher
    College--when it was an all-girls school. Women from all-girls
    colleges are good a quieting down their presidential

    Do you ever get the feeling that Slick likes to
    spend a lot of time with women? He acts like he was
    raised by women. I never see him hunting, chopping wood,
    playing basketball, or in a good knock-down, drag-out
    fist fight. You know, like Abe Lincoln or
    Ike, or

    If Buffet still one of those closet

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