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  • BluejayB BluejayB Oct 10, 1998 1:59 PM Flag

    WEB's smartest move

    I'm convinced that one of WEB's smartest moves,
    on a purely tactical basis, was not splitting the
    stock. This move has excluded the fast buck and day
    trader crowd. It has also excluded many mutual funds.
    I'm sure that many mutual fund managers refuse to buy
    BRK because: (1) They think they can do better than
    Buffett; and (2) It is too much work to figure out the

    As Warren has said, if you advertise for a rock
    concert you get a different crowd in the building then if
    you advertise for the symphony.

    Compare the
    quality of the posts on this board (for the most part) to
    rantings on AMZN.

    I look at the crazy volume and
    volatility last week and the Buffett way is so

    Wally Weitz, a Buffett head, was on Wall Street Week
    Friday. Good interview especially when compared the
    ramblings of the technician crowd (e.g. Ralph and Gail

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    • have you ever noticed chuck and i don't argue???

      Think about it


    • charlie is the "patsy"


    • Ever go to Vegas?

    • ...............get out of Vegas now!........while
      you still have a shirt on your
      must have been dead drunk when you bet........What the
      hell are you talking about anyway?......Nebraska was
      MINUS 11 and 1/2!!!......and this odds bullshit of
      yours........3 to1? Fuhgeddahaboutit!.........Huskers were
      ODDS-ON .......that means you put up $50 large in hopes
      of winning $16,666!...........besides don't
      get get the points or the odds
      depending on the bookmaker.............I wish you well in
      other endeavers...

    • #!/usr/local/bin/perl


      "Which brings up a point... We are all imaginary
      personas here... Perhaps I and you are just clever Perl
      scripts... "

      Hey, that's way cool, iggy! But damn, I
      was kinda looking forward to that food fight between
      chuck & greg @ dinner next may in



    • now that I've got you attention......

    • I think that this Charlestonideas is simply
      joking around.

      One day he would post this,
      another day he would post that... So he is a
      billionnaire, and a general in Viet Nam, and next day he
      announces how he made 40 thousand dollars on

      Not that I find anything wrong with joking at all...
      But if he is not what he says he is (and every day he
      says a different thing) then it is hard to piss him
      off by trying to piss off his imaginary

      Once in a while, I do the same thing, I pick up some
      screen name and go to various boards having fun and
      laughing at people who take me seriously. A form of
      relaxation for me...

      Which brings up a point... We
      are all imaginary personas here... Perhaps I and you
      are just clever Perl scripts...

    • <<<Julian Robertson ( Tiger Management)
      lost 2 billion ( billion, not million) on Wednesday,
      and he never complained to anybody, just went back to
      work Thursday. He is still up for the year.

      I suspect that Mr. Robinson lost somebody else's
      money, not his own.

    • Let's see. Chuck "spurted" earlier this week that
      he copped $40K on options.

      Now he's lost $50K
      on sports.

      Hmmm... 40 minus 50 is... uh...
      think! this is math!... uh...

      Well, he lost some
      chump change, let's just put it that

      Seminal work, man!

      Easy "come", easy go, I


      - infernal

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