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  • sln8424774 sln8424774 Oct 14, 1998 5:29 PM Flag

    It would seem

    to me if Buffett is buying gold he thinks the
    market is going down??????
    I don't have the money
    that some (or a lot) of the people on this board seem
    to have so the price of the stock at this point is
    significant to me and I have been able to take a half a
    position in BRKb up tell now...sure wish I knew what the
    market was going to do. Guess if BRKb breaks what would
    appear to be upcomming resistance at 2250 I'll buy
    Any thoughts on why we are outpreforming the


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    • People often use psychiatric terms as simple name
      calling. I am not doing that, and I am not making fun of

      There is no contradiction between being smart, or rich,
      and having a psychiatric problem. The man who wrote
      most of our current laws governing securities was a
      manic-depressive, and so was our first secretary of defense.

      You mentioned a very wise psychologist in an earlier
      post, and you mentioned her equally wise, but less
      famous, husband. Have a quiet professional talk with
      either of them. If you do have what I suspect you have,
      you are in luck. It is usually successfully treated,
      and it restores equilibrium without requiring a huge
      change in personality.

      Good luck, in life as well
      as in the market.

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