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  • ignoramus_ ignoramus_ Feb 3, 1999 12:45 PM Flag

    Humble proposal to increase shareholder

    I am very concerned that Berkshire Hathaway does
    not care about its shareholders.

    In order to
    increase shareholder value, I propose to do the

    1) Rename Berkshire Hathaway to This will hopefully increase premium to our
    equity value

    2) Conduct eleven consecutive 2:1
    stock splits. Each split is expected to increase
    adjusted share price by 10%, resulting in roughly 3.1
    TIMES increase in shareholder value. It is far more
    effective, shareholder-value-wise, to do ten splits than
    just one 1000:1 split, despite the associated

    3) Use WEB's influence to rename all Berkshire
    holdings to,,, This
    will immediately increase the prices of securities
    owned by BRK, and will enhance further the valuation of
    BRK, in addition to 1)

    4) Instead of spending
    much time pondering about abstract and hard to
    understand issues like business analysis, Warren Buffett
    should spend hours every day on conference calls with
    analysts, to increase "institutional coverage" and
    "positive feelings".

    5) Instead of wasting cash on
    buying boring shoe and chocolate companies, Berhkshire
    should instead announce stock repurchase program and buy
    stock whenever stock price goes down. That will no
    doubt create "price support" for the stock, which will
    further attract shareholders like kancer2, vontzen, and
    others, creating a virtuous cycle of ever-increasing
    shareholder value due to "momentum investors".

    Dramatically increase the fees paid to investment bankers, in
    hopes of receiving "strong buy" ratings from analysts.
    We are certain that all previous steps will
    reinforce the analysts conviction of pro-shareholder
    orientation of BRK, and will impart a sense of certainty into
    analysts and investors.

    Any thoughts? I think that
    there is real money to be made!!!

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    • Iggy... Didn't you hear the rumor? Buffett is
      going to IPO all his wholly own

      Scott_Fetzer Companies

      some people collect sperm samples, Buffett is a
      collector of companies. Pretty damn awesome, would you

      His final letter: "Today, I died.... and effective
      immediately, all wholly own companies will be IPO'ed"...

      Now, if that's not an incentive to hold on to your
      shares, maybe we can convince him to put a behind
      it... instantly transforming the intrinsic value of one
      B share to around $500,000.

    • .........the S&P wants us in 'cause we're too big not to be...... but we got this liquidity WEB agrees to split A 10 to1 and in we go..........wadda ya think?

    • We need a little such humor here and there!!

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