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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jun 9, 1999 4:06 PM Flag

    Only 10 people..........

    ......showed up to buy BRK today......the worst interest I can ever remember......not good!!

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    • In response to your coments -
      My IQ is what
      it is. I am not a genius, in fact, most of the
      people working around me are "smarter" than me. My
      reference to my IQ is in response to NW, who made me a bet,
      he/she could prove a documented IQ higher than 137. The
      loser was to leave this board. I accepted the
      challenge, and that's the last I heard from NW, so I expect
      him/her to go away. Sound fair?
      You asked why I don't
      explain my stock choices -
      Why would I? First, I
      believe the market is now purely driven by momentum, not
      logic, P/E's, intrinsic value, etc.
      Also, the
      audience in this room is mainly a bunch of jackals,

      who are only interested in berating anything that is
      If it's not a WEB suck-up comment, it gets bashed. I
      could say I wish I'd have bought BRK, DELL, and EMC
      years ago, and some clown would claim that would have
      been dumb.
      Hmmmm, you make a reference to Warren
      explaining his reasons.....
      no, what you have here is a
      bunch of WEB wannabes and lemmings doing their best to
      explain WEBs actions/inactions. THey have no more inside
      info that I do, which is NONE.
      Lastly, I have no
      interest in the evaluations of the jokers in this room. My
      intellect and life is not validated by their approval. I
      suspect most of theses clowns are phonies and losers,
      blowing hot air around to raise their own self-esteem.

      Anyway, thanks for the reasonable comments.

    • I love all the articles today on CMGI calling it an Internet version of Berkshire. Gimme a break!

    • GROW UP!!!! all of you.

    • First, learn how to spell. Ugh.
      Second - I'm
      tired of the IQ chatter.
      My IQ is 137, and
      NW claimed she could prove hers was higher,

      and challenged me to "loser walks" deal,
      accepted, she failed to offer proof,
      but she refuses to
      honor her deal and walk.
      What is your
      Third - I did not give out any stock "tip".
      I said
      to "look at" NXCD.
      I bought at 42. I'm not
      crying about it.
      Last - Learn how to spell. You are a

    • You are either pretty funny, or incredibly
      I did not recommend NXCD. I went back to my
      posting, and this is what I mentioned (to Bobo, not you or
      anyone else).....
      "Take a look at NXCD". Hmmm, take a
      I'm glad you bought it because "the symbol is kind of
      cool" -
      that's why I buy all my stocks. Duh.
      have me so scared about your conversations with the
      that I can't even concentrate on what to "recommend"
      You are a funny guy.

    • <<I'm beating the hell out of the negative return I get from BRK.>>

      Aren't we superior? Are you the author of NY times best seller "Lowered Expectation"?

    • Yesterday, you recommended NXCD. And I bought
      this stock cause symbol sounds kind of cool and I
      thought you knew what you were talking about. But it is
      down over 5%. What happened, you shithead? We don't
      need hype and dump spammer like you here. I just
      reported you to SEC. This is strictly professional board.
      Go away, you hate monger!!!!!

    • Stick to the relevant subject to discuss, that is
      why we are here for. Since you brought that up. What
      your mutha doesn't want you to know is that your sick
      daddy died from raping Korean house wivies during the
      war. I am not surprised you are the product of
      dysfunctional family. Get your hands off your daughter, you
      dickless piece of japanese goat excrement.

      Remenber, color of skin means nothing. What matters is that
      what color you think you are.

    • Truly, not good news! I'm thinking about getting
      out and putting the money in some blue-chip dividend
      stocks (when they pull back a bit, of course). I may get
      dissed for this, but I really believe that the BEST any
      investor today can expect to see out of BRK in the next
      five years is no more than 8-12% a year. And if
      something happens to Buffett during that time, watch out
      below. The stock will be down 20-30% overnight, no
      matter who the successor might be. Just my thoughts. ljh

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