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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jun 9, 1999 5:25 PM Flag

    Only 10 people..........

    ....well I gotta tell you that nobody was more
    excited than me over the GenRe deal....I really thought
    WEB was taking his game to the next,
    he's starting to remind me of the poker player who
    folds every hand unless it's a royal straight flush on
    the deal......if he doesn't start trying harder, I'll
    be reducing my position......the beat goes on....

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    • In this room, full of WEB lemmings, comments like
      yours will bring the wrath of the great unwashed idiots
      down upon you.
      They will enlighten you with
      meaningless discussions of BRK's
      former success. You will
      get chided for your short term thinking, and lectured
      on how great WEB is, and the intrinsic value of his
      bloated pig company, and on and on.
      BRK is static and
      the faithful refuse to acknowledge that maybe, just
      maybe, there are better investments
      Actually, I think they are constipated and afraid to make a
      move, so they sit, hoping for a return of the glory
      I love your analogy of WEB (the poker game). Seems
      Take a look at NXCD.

      • 2 Replies to TokyoShmo
      • Hey there, neighbor. I saw your post and just
        wanted to say, 'I bought some NXCD today myself.' But
        it's more of a speculation than an investment for me.
        Obviously, there's not as much public information on NXCD as
        on seems fair to say there's more of a
        leap of faith involved when plunking down the
        hard-earned on a new concept, or company like the one you're
        recommending...more of a leap than buying a few shares of the 'B'. So
        what high techs are you owning or wanting to own?
        Myself, I think IBM and T are both worth a look.
        to wander out on the limb a bit to buy BVSN, but i
        like a future prospect that hasn't ever split, for
        starters. But to be honest, I don't know that much about
        the stock or the tech sector. Which is why i'm
        concentrating on Berkshire. Since I'm not all that stock savvy,
        I'm hoping Buffett is. (There's a definite leap of
        faith involved here too!) This stock shows it can win
        over time. I don't need the golden egg today. But it
        would be nice to have it there for those important
        future occasions. So while I'm willing to take a chance
        to some extent on MSFT,TXN,or maybe SFE, I'd rather
        leave the investing to someone who time shows knows how
        to deliver. But like I said, some leaping around
        with hope and thoughtful abandon looking for the
        motherlode ain't such a bad idea, from time to time. Post

      • ok, I took a look at NXCD. And what? It went up
        20% like something. Aren't you supposed to tell us
        before it jumped? Are you coming here for parental
        approval? What is your problem man? You didn't get
        attention from your ex-con father and your alcoholic ho
        mama when you were kid? If you don't own BRK that is
        fine, but shut your sphincter mouth up unless you can
        support what you say.

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