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  • YAH00_147 YAH00_147 Jun 30, 1999 4:25 PM Flag

    I Am SICK of this!!!!!

    BRK was up over 30 today.

    Then the market rallied and BRK closed down.

    I HATE BRK - I have my sell placed tomorrow.

    This stock stinks.

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    • I believe we are on the same page, anticipating
      volatility but unsure of how to deal with it (it COULD be a
      great opportunity). There are several sites which
      primarily are trying to profit from paranoia and fear. One
      site which is semiOK is, where the
      author is afraid of the near-term Y2k problems but sees
      a WAVE of opportunity to buy into equities after a
      crash. I plan to do some self-help, but the more I am
      learning about BRK I feel pretty comfortable that WEB is
      planning for a volatile season as well. I'd much rather
      have him making the big decisions. But BRk's problem
      is its massive size -- it has a tough time staying
      under the radar!

    • You are right. US is the world. You can bet the
      bug will hit Asia and Europe quite hard. And the
      scare will hit the US market. But long term, most
      companies will return to business as usual. It's stocks
      tank, I see it as an opportunity.

    • I know that the publicly-traded companies think
      they are ready for Y2K, and with the money that has
      been spent (I own some CMB and its management claims
      to have spent over $800,000,000 on Y2K preparation)
      in the US on prep there sure as hell better not be
      big problems here. But surely you remember the Asian
      flu last year? Public stocks came crashing down (ORCL
      was the first and got hammered; fortunately I stuck
      with Ellison and I have not been sorry). If Y2K hurts
      Japan and Asia, Europe (which has been preoccupied with
      the Euro and is not prepared for Y2K), South America
      (remember when Brazil defaulted on its obligations last
      year on the heels of Asia -- our financial community
      was in a panic) and any other emerging market, I
      think that we will have big problems with some of our
      biggest markets for American products. asdsdf's post on
      Buffett making a big acquisition with all of that BRK
      cash sounds good -- past usually is prologue -- but
      WEB may be cautious and sly, putting his cash stash
      into t-notes and bonds which will appreciate greatly
      with a Y2k-induced recession/deflation event. The
      world will flee to safety -- US treasuries. And BRK's
      value would skyrocket ... Am I paranoid nut or is this
      possible? I agree with Skee that there will be volatility
      no matter what; Y2K fears may only put gasoline on a
      fire. And by the way, I am not looking for a Y2K play
      (although I would not be so foolish as to walk away from
      one); I just want to make sure that I preserve a lot of
      hard work over the past 10 years...

    • man I would bet on some kind of volatility in the
      fall. There was incredible volatility in the fall of
      1996, 1997, and 1998. Why should 1999 be any different?
      If you take into account a stock market trading at
      an extremely high valuation, irrational fears of the
      market in October, and Y2K nervousness I wouldn't be
      surprised to see daily 500 point drops and daily 300 point
      gains in the fall.

    • Y2K in the US will be a non-event. The only mix
      up we're going to see is with KY-Jelly... Is
      someone's gonna end up with superglue instead??

      you want to capitalize on Y2K, go overseas. The rest
      of the world will meet with disaster, especially

      Good luck!

    • BARRONS!!!!

    • Does anybody know where I can get a list of closed end mutual
      funds which hold mainly equities (not bonds)?

      Also, is there a closed end mutual fund chat board?

    • Hey Skeeballer -- You and asdsdf are the only
      ones who appear to be even remotely interested in the
      possible Y2K strategy that Buffett is employing. asdsdf
      believes that WEB's possible Y2K hedge (i.e. a move into
      precious metals and treasuries as a hedge against small
      chances of market recession or collapse and deflation) is
      a "non-event" (using Charlie's vernacular) because
      $2B is insignificant vis-a-vis the Berky bottom line.
      I don't know what amount WEB has piled into t-notes
      and bonds, but until the Fed's latest proclamation it
      wasn't looking too smart; it is looking a lot better
      now. What type of market volatility are you expecting
      in October and November -- a move to cash out of the
      market as kind of a self-fulfilling Y2K prophecy? Or are
      you thinking on a smaller scale, such as stock picks
      that will benefit from Y2K vs. those that will get
      creamed (the software and hardware stock boards have had
      a lot of discussion about this but it gets just too
      geeky for me to stomach). How do you think all of this
      affects BRK? What about the rest of you -- are you
      ostriches with your heads in the sand or have you examined
      the facts and dismissed Y2K as a "non-event"? I don't
      hear anyone expressing concern except for all of the
      boilerplate disclosures in the 10Ks and Qs...

    • Here is the original message
      I'm taking a look at the investing action tonite for
      BRKA and I'm trying to decide if I should get
      I'm wondering if the action I'm seeing is indicative
      of someone being "in the know" on some important
      news for Tuesday's trades or just more market
      Remember that this is a long weekend and some investors,
      maybe cash rich from the post Greenspan trading frenzy,
      are looking to make their trades after hours,
      unwilling to wait till Tuesday.
      Take a look at the
      action and please post your opinions here. I'll check
      back in before I pull the trigger on my trades.

      This after hours trading sure is wild >>>>
      That link is to a free site by the way.
      Thanks in

      >>>>>>>>>>>>-- ------- ---------- ----------- -----------
      --------- ------------- ----------- --------------
      -------------- -------- -----------------------
      ----------------- ------------- ----------- -> Dear, Mel, I have
      tried to get that link, quite a few times. it always
      kicks out my connection, and shuts me down. So can you
      tell me what the after hours trading was all about?
      Were the stocks up or down? What prices were they
      tradeing at? Were there many shares traded? You got me
      Wondering. Come on Mel, or somebody tell me what's going on.
      I won't be able to sleep till I know. Please give
      me a brake, I need my sleep. ~~~~jgvoelling~~~~

    • Not again.

      "Some people don't permit
      ethics to affect their investment decisions. That is
      their privilege."

      Indeed it is, so why don't you
      take your bible-thumping, self-righteous, "former" ass
      right on out of here before you insight the next PTL
      club for next week!

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