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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Jul 7, 1999 7:47 PM Flag

    Greg....You may retire sooner....

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    • thanks for the link... I actually am retired;
      well I just started an online store... I'll be sure
      and post the URL as soon as my merchant VISA account
      is set up...

      it's going to be a cool store,
      actually a "hot" store... You will know what I mean next
      week when I post the URL... Buy something from it....
      I would be proud to have you as my first customer.
      Items are going to cost between $3.00 -


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      • -Yesterday was very interesting in the financials
        as we did see a struggle over whether they would
        move higher or pull back.
        -Again we think they
        should bust through if the market really rallies, but be
        -The online trading stocks like AMTD and SCH
        and NITE were doing exceptionally well until late in
        the day.
        -They too will go well if the market
        -We got the nice news from the FED and that
        should spell good news for the financials and it does.

        -BUT a lot of them have already moved to within a days
        trading of old highs, and this may mean that a pause is
        in order before they resume. --For instance AXP has
        been a great play for us over the past few months.
        Back in April they set a closing high of 138 twice but
        hold. Now they are at 137 and change! Will
        they break through and squeeze for a ton, or will they
        back off now and regroup? Tough one. --Same story with
        C who is just a bit away from an old high and ONE,
        and MEL, etc.. With a big push from the market the
        financials could definitely break through to new highs from
        here, but its very tough to say.
        -For instance if
        fund money shies away from financials in favor of tech
        or Internet, they could all pull back a bit.

        -This time we have to let the street tell us. Watch the
        action tomorrow and maybe we will be in a better
        position to tell.
        -One that still looks especially
        attractive is PVN, they are moving very well. So the bottom
        line is that we will either see some really great
        breakout moves in financials, or they are going to weaken
        up a bit and regroup.
        -One thing that should
        help us is the online brokerages. If we get a nice
        rally going, the Street will realize that people are
        trading again
        and should buy up some AMTD, SCH, NITE,
        NDB, and SIEB.

        Some of my favorite

    • ... would it make sense for BUffet to buy
      privately held Fidelity Mutual Fund, I am unsure of what
      the Market cap of Privately held Fidelity?>
      However, there are 1)High Barriers to entry into the
      Mutual fund biz 2) Strong established franchise 3) MGt
      is in place 4) Obviously it is a biz buffet KNOWs
      and Understands 5) The Johnsons might want to cash
      out to Buffet? 6) Buffet as the owner would only
      strengthen the Company's Global Presence 7) Predtictable
      (100 +/- basis points on funds under mgt)and High
      growth business 8) I am not endorsing Buffet Manage the
      funds but, simply BUY the company or other Mutual FUnd.
      Why not

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      • Sounds good to me. Fidelity would be ideal,
        however TROW Price or some other bunch of well managed
        funds might be worth pursuing. Wait for a nice long
        downturn in the market, where the brokerage stocks
        (including TROW) all get dragged down, and maybe it could
        happen. Does American Express offer any mutual funds or
        maybe they should be expanding into that market if

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