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  • berkshy berkshy Jul 30, 1999 12:38 PM Flag


    I realize this is a BRKa board and I am seeking
    information on BRKb. Am looking for news related to this
    stock. I'm losing my shirt. Can't believe that such a
    drop should be precipitated alone by KO and G drop.
    Others on the board seem to have info that I cannot seem
    to find. Any pointers on where to go? Thanks.

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    • Buy more! See how much money you can loose....

    • Sorry Warren - I thought you knew your stuff but
      I have now lost over 20k since May on

      At some point you might consider what it is like to
      be one of the litle guys who owns this company and
      what it feels like to have ones beliefs in BRK
      shattered in one huge drop.

      Unfortunately, I havent
      owned BRK for years on end. I am a younger person who
      put all his money on this company. At this point I
      see no upside for it. I have lost over 23000 on BRK
      since May. I want to believe in BRK but I cant take any
      more pain. When earnings are released BRKB will be
      worth well under 2000 a share.

    • Historically, every bear market started end of
      July, I think. IS this beginning of bear market? Nobody
      can tell. I am basically sticking to short on
      internet stocks until september. All influential fund
      managers got out of internets, so don't expect any
      upgrades. If there is up grade, that is the best chance to
      short at the pop.

      Look at EXDS for instance,
      thier loss is widening every time they report earnings.
      But, their stock price is sustained just because they
      met street's expectation, and upgrades. They went
      from 7 to 120 in a year without promising future
      aspects. Web hosting biz has no barriers to entries
      whatsoever. EXDS is top of my short list.

      neutral in general market sentiment, Monday will be stock
      rally. That is the last chance to unload longs. Do the
      right thing.

    • I think the problem of BRK stock is not Buffett's
      decline to invest in tech stcks. If Buffett announces
      that he decides to invest in techs, BRK will jump.
      But, because of the law of equilibrium, it will go
      back to where it was before the

      People don't want to get rich in 30-40 years. Everybody
      gets a certain performance pressure from friends,
      neighbors saying they are doing over 100% annuals. I don't
      think BRK's fundamentals have changed from 20 years
      ago. Everybody(including money managers) want to hit
      big time and retire soon because nobody knows how
      long bull market is going to last. Whether we like it
      or not, we have to accept this trend.

    • In the WSJ, "Treasury chief Summers notes that
      the economic output of 550 million people in 41 of
      the poorest nations is less than the net worth of the
      world's three richest people: Microsoft's co-founders,
      Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and investor, Warren
      Buffett." Just think as the standard of living for those
      550 million people improves over the next decade, how
      much more Coke and Gillette products will be consumed.
      While the current short-term difficulties in KO and G
      are given as part of the reason for Berkshire's
      slump, the long-term outlook for Buffett's core holdings
      remains exceedingly bright.

    • ......I notice that Schroeder at Paine Webber still recommends usual, WEB declines comment......,,195325,00.html

    • Cavalier writes: "A character on CNBC was talking
      the other day about some of the old namesakes such as
      Coke, Gillett, and others in the Berkshire portfolio
      and his take on these is that they have done pretty
      much all their going to do for several

      The questions I ask myself (and maybe you should too)
      is will G and KO sell more of their products in the
      coming years and will they continue to do so? Are they
      dominant players in their industries and will they
      continue to be? The answers are still yes!
      Therefore if
      they continue to do this the market will price them
      accordingly. The problem I think is the market has gotten a
      little ahead of itself and has priced these stocks to
      perfection. Take KO for example. Its average growth for the
      past 30 or so years has been what? 12-15% p/a. How can
      you justify assigning a p/e of 45-50 on such growth?
      Even Buffett has warned that the best companies in the
      world will fall on bad years and you should expect this
      to happen and PRICE this expectation into your
      valuations.By pricing KO and G so highly, the market has not
      allowed for any margin of safety (IE: bad years).

      I personally believe that many of today's
      valuations are just plain ridiculous and am prepared to wait
      for more sensible prices, but I don't think there is
      anything fundamentally wrong with KO or G. Blame the
      market for driving the prices to silly levels. Don't
      blame the companies for not living up to these
      absolutley unrealistic expectations.
      When they correct
      (and they will) more and hang on. KO and G are
      still two of the best businesses in the world with
      excellent prospects which is more than I care to say about
      the sharemarket right now. Two of Buffett's best
      lessons ..
      1)"The price you pay determines your rate
      of return."
      2)"Always factor in a margin of
      safety" (In other words don't expect a business to
      perform to perfection every single year)
      I don't think
      the idiots who paid 88 for KO had either of those two
      rules in their head.

    • A character on CNBC was talking the other day
      about some of the old namesakes such as Coke, Gillett,
      and others in the Berkshire portfolio and his take on
      these is that they have done pretty much all their
      going to do for several years. I find that my
      individual investment in Coke, and Pepsico have pretty much
      been bland. Does anyone have a take on what is going
      on with these old standbys, and why they don't seem
      to have what it takes anymore to move in the market
      like they did for years? I know the internet stocks
      have seemed to take the limelight lately, but if they
      should loose some of their luster should we expect a
      turnaround in the old standbys of yesterday? Any thoughts. A
      berkshire-b shareholder. Best of luck!

    • <<I will send him a Dairy Queen Big Wheel
      certificate with the letter of thanks on Monday. I wonder if
      he will reply? >>

      I receive thousands
      of fan mails from aspiring traders. And I only reply
      to those who send me cash.

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