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  • trophyjim2 trophyjim2 Sep 6, 1999 12:29 PM Flag

    I agree asdsdf

    Y2k will probably be a non event after the 1st.I
    consider myself a normal individual an not an extreamest.
    Agreed, The insurance is cheap now. I have bought a
    generator(always nice to have, I used it at a class reunion picnic
    2 months ago) so I have lights, and can run my well
    pump. Also have been storing Spam and Dinny Moore (they
    have an indefinate shelf life) well as canned
    potatoes. These can be used anytime,so it is not something
    we can't use anyway. Also have a 2 week supply of
    k-rations(slightly crazy, I know, but I can use these for camping) a
    good old 12g shotgun, a couple hand guns, and an
    Russian AKA, topped of with plenty of ammo.(We hunt and
    belong to a target club so we use this stuff for
    recreation) My point is that here in the Northeast they clear
    the shelves of bread and milk, just when we have a
    threat of a snowstorm. How about the crap in LA a few
    years back, people in that so many block area were on
    there own for days,no police would go in, so think it
    couldn't happen?-- back in 72,looting of the Wyoming
    Valley,Pa. took place when Agnes caused the local dikes to
    break. I don't consider myself to be a nut - this stuff
    comes up in conversation with lots of local people who
    come in my place of business, many say, "oh, you got a
    generator,(yes I got it for the business is my response) well I
    got this and that they say ......Lotsa of my
    neighbors are preparing, but don't talk about it much for
    fear of being labeled crazy person. My advice is to
    buy stuff you can use anyway, just buy it a bit
    early. ...... Definition of real crazy: I know guys
    around here that are afraid the government will take
    their guns, so, thay bury guns in pvc pipe on other
    peoples property, just so they have access if need be.
    Now that is indeed the measure of sickness I gauge my
    own actions against! Later Jim

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    • BRKa is a legitimate operating company, though the huge KO position influences share value. Neither investments or operations are doing well now.

    • You can think of brk.b as a mutual fund with a
      manager with a real good track record. Think of it as a
      consetraded fund with not to many stocks. Buffet works by
      making big bets for the long run. This is take advantage
      of compounding of interest on the turns. Thinks of
      it as a mutual fund that does not pay out
      distabutions. so you don,t have to pay taxes on them. As far as
      the chart goes 2000 has been support for brk.b. In
      terms of relative strength Brk.b is out of favor.
      Buffet loves coke I think its a great company the kind
      he wants to own. Brk.b is usualy in favor. Ko is
      usualy in favor. They are not now. usualy it is better
      to buy things that are out of favor it you are
      looking at it from the longterm. I like to ballance my
      holdging in brk with some big teck names like msft csco
      sunw wcom exc.

    • Am new to board. If you chart KO and BRK together they follow nearly same track. Is there too much KO fizz in BRK?

    • It is not for short-term holders or those who
      play earnings reports per quarter. but those type of
      people are not looking at this board are they? Fairfax
      and Berk are very similar with the exception that WEB
      has a better following and the US media has done a
      better job of PR for him. Even in Canada many
      journelists and advisors don't know Fairfax or Prem

      Seriuos investors only check out the 1998 annual report or call the company.

      BY 2004 FROM $225 TODAY. I OWN 1000 SHARES OF FFH.

    • I'm confused.

      I bought brk as a long term
      investment (10 years or more). Wish I had bought the b
      shares when they came out at $900. I own a number of
      risky nasdaq stocks. Now I am looking for stocks for
      the long term, as well as "bargains".

      mention FFH.TO as "complex". Any stock down 66% in a
      legit co. peaks my interest. Why is it down 66% Please
      share more info. It sure looks like a bargain


    • FFH.TO

    • If you look at charts of Ko G for example they
      look alot like the brk.a chart. A great time of up and
      then a long time of consolidation. That is what we are
      in now. If you are a recent shareholder you may be
      unhappy. The stock may break even more. Given that it is
      behind the S and P. Alot of value funds have
      underpreformed in the last few years. If you are thinking of
      buying you may want to watch. If it goes down more. That
      could be the best time to buy. When most people don't
      want to. Thats how buffet has done so well. But since
      the the S and P is so high relative to historical
      norms. There may be alot of market risk still even
      though it is down. The best case would be that the s and
      p and brk drop. Then that would be the time to buy.

    • I have a significant amount of BRK shares.
      Despite the fact that they have recently taken a beating
      I have confidence that Mr Buffet and Charley Munger
      will, in the next year, get the stock back on track. I
      don't agree to your comment that Buffet has missed the
      NEW ERA. It is important to note that success in the
      NEW ERA ultimately trickles down to stocks BRK owns.
      At this point I am looking for a bottom at which
      time I intend to buy more. I am amazed of your poorly
      selected rhetoric criticizing Buffet in a NON CONSTRUCTIVE
      manner. Please be aware that BRK and stockholders are
      high class investors. Suggest you try making your
      comments from the floor during the next stockholders
      meeting in Omaha. Warren and Charles Munger will bite you
      off, chew you up and spite you out in about 10
      seconds. A person like you should be in "T" Bills.

    • Fairfax is an investment the limited investors on
      this board should avoid like the plague. It is a
      complex and gut wrenching business that momentum and
      quarterly earnings people will not be able to

      Avoid it completely. I've owned it for some time and of
      course now is a good time to increase your

      If you are a long term owner you need to understand
      that the terrific fluctuations in the stock price are
      one of the chief reasons you have done so well. Watsa
      simply buys back stock at cheap prices and sells the
      same stock at the high prices.

      Over and over
      again naive investors state that this time it is
      different, that the company is going to fail. You'll read
      that here too.

      Investors without knowledge or
      confidence should avoid stocks like Berkshire and Fairfax
      because there is nobody out there to write bullish
      analysts reports to prop up the stock price.

    • He's a pitiful investor who has completely missed
      out on the "new era" economy. He's lost in the past
      and his General Re purchase will haunt Berkshire for
      the rest of his measley life.

      Yes, dumbro69,
      you are right.

      Unfortunately, I've found
      through the years that just when I make such enlightened
      observations, it is time to buy the stock.

      And, big boy,
      I just bought shares. And in the end it will be
      mine and your opinion that we look back on as stupid
      as living hell.

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