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  • energy_spike energy_spike Oct 27, 1999 2:34 AM Flag


    Sometimes / you must cut off a finger / to save a
    {ancient Oriental saying, not found in
    fortune cookie)

    Thankfully, rule does not apply to
    bridge... (:>>, your shareholders
    should be smiling

    ...everyone won something

    my team...

    goodnite, old friend

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    • This would be a sweet aquisition. When they unviel the web site yet, watch out!


    • Yep, things were looking pretty gloomy around
      here for a while. I kinda miss those 1800's and 54K's.
      Hopefully we will get to see some weakness here after the
      numbers are released, and maybe some more in December.

      That's one thing I like about this board, for the most
      part, folks don't whine and cry during hard times, and
      not too many outsiders are daring enough to come in
      and complain about our leadership.

      Drop in on
      the MEC board and see what I'm talking about. Those
      poor guys are just totally lost - I think they may
      have about 2 months of combined investing experience
      among them.

      I am totally befuddled that anyone
      could be willing to sell shares at the yearly low, and
      even more perplexed that so much money would jump on
      the bandwagon AFTER the price rebounded! Life is
      indeed strange.

      Frankly, I thought we would see
      a bounce to 70K, but the prospects of that look dim
      now. I won't sell this year unless we really do get to
      100K, which seems about as likely as seeing 55K

      Hey, we haven't seen babyb here for a while, did you
      forget and leave her in Tokyo? I'm having
      korn-withdrawal-syndrome here.

    • <<While you were gone, we tacked on a
      paultry 20% plus to the stock price.>>

      I came back, looked at Brk and almost had another
      one of my organisms!! :-)

      <<If the price
      turns around now and starts going down, I think we all
      know who to blame. >>

      I will personally
      take responsibility and commit 'hara-kiri'... the
      ceremonial samurai gut-cutting ritual.

      though, what happened? I wanted Brk to drop further...
      didn't get a chance to buy enough.

    • <<<Besides, I don't want to worry about
      how I position my knife and fork after I'm done, or
      whether I can cut a major 5 second fart in a high class

      Hm... For the lack of better things to talk about...
      About the only high class thing that I can do is,
      cutting 5 second farts. Not always, mind you, but in the
      right condition I can do it.

    • Glad you had a safe trip. While you were gone, we
      tacked on a paultry 20% plus to the stock

      If the price turns around now and starts going down,
      I think we all know who to blame. Coincidence? I
      think not...


    • <<I'm sneaking off with Asdsdf to Japan...I
      wish! While I'm gone, don't let the bear bugs bite
      Berkshire again. >>

      Just got back. Man o' man
      how the market has changed. It appears that while I
      was gone, Brk has really popped it's

      Hey Benkea, Here's my economic indicators:
      Skirt Hem Levels Indicator: Not too short, actually
      lengthening... does this indicate the recession is really

      2. Red Light District Indictor: Whoa! This one
      really took the cake! Crowded up the ying yang. Guys
      waiting in line for their favorite massage queen.
      Business was brisk... wish I had a customer to entertain!

      3. Hair Style Indictor: What the hell happened?
      Haven't been there in 3 years and almost all the girls,
      housewife and 'office ladies' have BROWN hair! Yeowy, Yowy,
      this worries me. But then again, they say a change in
      hair styles represents a change in economic

      4. Suit Case Indicator: Didn't see too many
      travelors, even though I was there over a holiday. Maybe not
      a good sign.

      5. High Class Restaurant
      Indicator: Went to a VERY expensive restaurant for lunch.
      Spent $200 bucks on a paltry steak lunch (for 2) and
      came out hungry. It was so crowded the valet parking
      guy couldn't park anymore cars. Does this mean the
      economy is recovering?

      Looks like a hard call to
      make... but my customers were all pretty upbeat about the


      ps. that restaurant was really neat. I almost cracked
      up laughing when the waiter brought over this huge
      plate covered with a silver cover. Just like in the
      movies... and then he removes the cover exposing this
      t-i-n-y little sliver of a steak centered nicely in the
      middle of the plate!

      You know what? I prefer the
      Buffett type modest style of life, instead of this richy
      rich, put on airs bullshit. I'm crass and low class...
      and I like it that way! :-) Besides, I don't want to
      worry about how I position my knife and fork after I'm
      done, or whether I can cut a major 5 second fart in a
      high class restroom. But seriously, how does one take
      a dump in a high class joint? :-)

    • The spread between bid and ask is 6%. I hate penny stocks! I hope you know what you are doing, NW.

    • I am in the industry. I follow SEBL very very
      closely. I stumbled on OAOT from SEBL news. I own a small
      consulting company. The norm for a consulting company (small
      one) is to sell at close to 1 times sales. OAOT just
      got some great contracts and sells at less than half

      There is a conference call at 4pm EST today. Watch and
      see what happens tomorrow. I could be wrong.

    • Just curious, how would someone on a Berkshire
      Hathaway board learn of a stock such as OAOT? In in OAOT
      and like what they've recently done. I don't really
      know what you're about (investment ideology, etc.) Do
      you care to share some info. BTW, OAOT was a great
      pick so, I'm curious.

    • Normhillstocks? Let me know, Thanks.

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