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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Feb 12, 2000 2:04 PM Flag

    not buying media garbage.......

    ....."3. What is your position on ths issuance of
    visas to foreign sotware engineers?"'s one
    politico who wants more visas

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    • You know Bobo, this is a very sensitive
      subject.... mostly because companies abuse the VISA

      I've seen it happen time after time. They let a guy
      into this country to help finish a critical project.
      When the project is done, or if it get's killed, they
      move him to another group, while us AMERICAN's get the
      shaft!! Whether that's good or bad, I don't know. But I
      do know one thing... it's costing American jobs.

      I saw one guy go from engineering to marketing to
      product management, while he was under the VISA program.
      I don't think we need special marketing skills from
      overseas... As far as the INS is concerned he's still an
      engineer. The company protected his butt because nobody had
      the heart to lay off some guy who brought his whole
      family over and most likely can't get another job if he
      got axed. So he survived 3 layoffs in 3 diferent
      groups, while all his counterparts got

      The system has some serious flaws. You want good
      talent? Pay your critical employee's $250,000 a year with
      stock options and bonus plans... and you won't see good
      talent run off to the nearest startup!!.. and you won't
      have the need to hire from abroad... and you won't
      have engineers longing to do marketing or moving into
      management at 25.... Anybody can be a manager. How many can
      be an engineer?! And that's the problem we have with
      our current slacker CEO's and executives screeming
      about lack of talent... There's plenty of talent!...
      they just don't know how to use it!

    • It seems to me Buffett is doing nearly everything
      within his investment universe about as well as could be
      expected from someone considered nearly the best. It seems
      to me that the S & P should be tanking not
      Isn't a serious drop in the market exactly
      wht Berkshire wants?

      Hasn't Buffett been
      preparing for the worst in the insurance cycle for some

      Isn't BRK more prepared for the future than 99% of the

      Isn't BRK more prepared for the internet
      age than nearly any other similar business?

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