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  • hpyon hpyon Jun 14, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    So any old timers still around?

    PM's got my interest again but no first buys yet. I have no idea what is going to happen but I will buy physical if there is a crash. and buy PM's if they print. man wish I had bought physical when you and boat were buying before gold $800. remember those days TJ.

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    • Hi Hpyon,
      This thread sure degraded after Boat and AC were gone. That one obnoxious useless Chicosan ruined a sane thread. Yahoo helped kill it with their format changes. And gold in general sure has gotten killed. Hope you are well and enjoying life.

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      • hey nancy, yah still designing kids products and surfing been in cash mostly from last year. funny, when Chicosan showed up and when Silent left was the time to sell miners. I may play some bounce plays but we are in intermediate bear cycle and I will wait for the trend break before going into accumulation phase. Pm's will probably consolidate at this level, but until China prints we may see 1050 this summer. Will see, good luck nancy.

    • Hi Everyone, I still check in from time to time. First bot gold w. GLD right at 900, sold my last gold stock last fall. Waiting for 1250. If 1250 does not hold, then waiting for 1150. I remember when EGO was in the low 20s, & I was kicking myself for selling in the $18's! EGO's stats look good, but stock performance has been terrible compared to other gold stocks. Not touching gold stocks above 1250, then re-evaluating from there. Not trying to catch this falling knife.

    • Well I am still around....I bought some higher and some lower than here....This is now a buy and hold..

    • I remember...of course we all wish we could have done something differently in the past. Stagflation is upon us and PM's are the real deal. This market has been phoney baloney pumped up. To make money, we should invest in banks and corporate America? Something wrong with that moral picture!

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      • yah, would ah, could ah, should ah, ha ha ha. were still alive TJ. on the weekly chart HUI looks like it might get a MACD cross as boat says it may not be successful the first time but looks like were near a bottom in the shorterm to intermediateterm. WOW HUI is at 254. remember when I liquidated when HUI was 540-525. too bad I also shorted s&p at the time. I never thought I would be stacking physical but Stagflation or Staghyperinflation is on its way and they can only tapper, which means they can never stop. we can crash and bailout for til 2030 easily. good luck TJ.

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