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  • grinderepos grinderepos Sep 21, 2012 10:51 AM Flag

    Time to triple the dividend

    Mgt has failed to deliver any returns to shareholders for LONG time.
    They spend the money like water on cap ex that has returned 0 returns to shareholders.
    Shareholders ONLY make money if the share price increases. SO FAR ABYSMAL so stop patting yourselves on the back and do something about it. This is a FOOD COMPANY!


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    • It's "TYSON'S FOODS", and it's run by Tysons. They use it as their piggy bank. If it was "Shareholders Foods" you might see a dividend increase. Don't count on it though.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Looks like they raise the div by a penny to a nickel (per quater) starting next year I agree its was over due and way to little. Im up on the stock so i sold over head calls for income more than one way to skin a cat.If it gets called i get a profet and if doent I can keep the call prem or buy them back Hopefully at a lower price or they call the stock.

    • We need to see a dividend and share increase by Thanksgiving. If not, We need to start a movement to get rid of the Board.

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      • this board of directors have a horrible track record and they should be ashamed. This is a food company too. WOW makes this situation the more embarressing for this crew. These massive underperformers are protected by share classes do believe. These people would not last long at all if they were up against fair voting and accountability.

        These underperformers need to start giving shareholder the money instead of WASTING it.
        Tripling the dividend would be a start, but share price is in the gutter. they need to be held accountable for such abysmal stock long term stock performance.

        How many multiple billions have these clowns spent over the years for NO stock return?
        This is definitely a case study in poor corp governance and horrible stock performance for a FOOD company. This is not the airline business BUT A FOOD COMPANY.

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