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  • rdtajack rdtajack Jan 21, 2011 9:41 PM Flag

    I guess its time

    Southern, guess you have not been using Post Post with the 100000 others of us on Facebook. And did you note the bid size on Thursday. You might want to pay a bit of attention lad. Good to have you post. Always glad to have someone here telling anything.

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    • Wow...100,000 users? Joe's plastic dogshit importers web site has more than 100k users.

      Looking at their facebook page I tend to doubt they have even 100,000 users.

      What is this company anyway other than a declining legacy software company trying to come up with something that works in the internet world. They love the buzz words and now they have this "social media" product...providing even more buzz words and tech acronyms to throw around. Unfortunately users and revenues are as absent as ever. Interest in the stock is non-existant other than from the tight little circle of hopeful Koe followers and wishful thinkers.

      Hey show me some evidence that they've done something that means revunues or a sale will materialize down the road. I'm open to being convinced.

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