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  • tommy3823 tommy3823 Jun 24, 2003 1:21 AM Flag

    Caution my friends

    I wish to congratulate everyone who has been long on this stock for the last few years. I was purchasing this stock 4 years ago at about $4.00. I sold off long ago and made a nice penny. Many sleeples nights during that time. I see the interest in this board is way up since the last times I posted here. I have been a silent observer though.
    The Borgota is going to be a fabulous property for the Atlantic City market. Boyd is not a fabulous company though. Boyd gaming is alot more than the Borgota. They have many run down properties. They have properties that are not generating the profits they did years ago. The company draws tremendous expenses and salaries. The Boyd family has not always done well by its stock holders. I wish some of the posters now were around years ago. I also wish some of the posters would check out this companies track record years ago. It would be very enlightening. Enough on this. It is only several hours on the computer to verify this.

    Borgota and the Atlantic City market. Borgota will draw crowds. As all AC hotels do during the summer months and weekends. It is the winter months and weekdays that make the difference. Will Borgota be able to fill the rooms and tables on a Monday in February? Will they be able to pay down the debt if they are not? Do you think Borgota is going to take the high rollers awat from all PPE and TRUMP properties? If you are going into this stock at this time you must be able to answer all these questions. I am throwing caution out there. Just some friendly advise. Good luck. Bet with your head not over it>

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    • Lletsgo ... I'm from the SCLD board. Your stock picks and investment style is interesting.
      If you would be so kind... What lead you to your style? What was or is you area of business other than the <M>?
      Thank you very much for your coments.

    • tommy3823-first post on the boyd board with this handle linked below from 6/24/03.

      "I wish to congratulate everyone who has been long on this stock for the last few years. I was puchasing this stock 4 years ago at about $4.00. I sold off long ago and made a nice penny. Many sleepless nights during that time."

    • That's a good one, moral, LOL! We also take our Strip-Clubbing seriously down here too:-) Thanks for the info about the Hilton qualifier, I'll look into it today!

    • blakjakkid, I just realized . . . you live in Irving - Home of the Dallas Cowboys, South America's Team. You know the NFL Season is approaching when Dallas players get arrested outside a strip club.

      Anyway, normally one must pony-up $1000 to enter the Hilton Tournament, but you are in luck. There's an outfit in Dallas which runs a satellite qualifying tournament (they get around the law by classifying it as a charity event) with an entry fee of only $50. The prize is entry into a Hilton Qualifier and airfare from Dallas. The next one is July 20th at The Doubletree in Dallas.
      Contact Rick Jensen (866)839-8687 or (I cannot get the page to come up or I'd link it.)

    • Thanks for the link moralcare, I've really been dyin' to enter but the dates of my vacations to Vegas have always missed the Hitlon's tournament dates (which I suspect they like to make around the slow-times). I'm gonna do it next year fer sure though! Man, there'd be nothin' more I'd like to do than win a million $ playin' blackjack. Heck, I'd never leave Vegas if I won, between the gamblin' and the women out there, oooh boy, a single fellar like me could sure get in some mean 'ole TROUBLE:-)

    • hey moral....i agree.....once won a black jack tournament on a cruise ship.....two factors seemed to work in my favor...."survival instincts" and "luck"....playing to survive the initial rounds....and then luck in the final favorite definition of luck....."when preparation meets opportunity"....i was prepared to risk everything near the end of the contest for the opportunity to win...i went "all in" on the next to last hand and won

    • The truth tommy is in your first post or do you care to debate yourself on your first post. Quoting tommy3823

      "I wish to congratulate everyone who has been long on this stock for the last few years. I was purchasing this stock 4 years ago at about $4.00. I sold off long ago and made a nice penny. Many sleeples nights during that time."

      tommy3823's first post to the boyd board is linked below. The post is dated 6/24/03.

      • 3 Replies to secowboyup
      • Figures, Cowboy. I don't remember his posts at all. Thanks. At any rate, he is on "ughnore"

        Thanks again, Rifle. <G>

      • Thanks for that link to Tommy's post of 6/24/03. I hadn't read it before. His post raises several issues worthy of debate, and I gave his post a recommendation.

        Perhaps this was the man's first post under the identity of tommy3823; perhaps not, my experience is that the Yahoo author search function does not retrieve messages that go that far back. I doubt if it goes back one year much less four, so how do you categorically state that tommy3823 did not post four or more years ago. Please advise us of the method you used to determine that 6/24/03 was the first time tommy posted here. Also, it's possible that he posted years ago under a different identity. Tommy states in the post you cited that he posted to this board years ago. I have no reason to disbelieve him. OTOH, I have every reason, based on your shoot from the hip approach regarding tommy's posts, to question your DD regarding any issue you may discuss here or anywhere for that matter, and I find that disturbing given the number of followers you have.

        I think you have invested on emotion and thus far you have been quite fortunate - at least as far as BYD is concerned.

        Also, the assertion you and others make that tommy3823 and lletsgo are the same person is ridiculous, IMO.
        Read their respective posts again. I may be going out on a limb by assuming you ever read them the first time. Both of those gentlemen raise a number of quite valid issues and concerns, however unpopular those issues may be with BYD longs.

      • My take on tommy3823 is this.
        I do believe he posted as frenchman111 on this board. I do believe he bought many shares of boyd at that time.

        He had no confidence or very little confidence in boyd management then and continues to have no or very little confidence in boyd management now. He sold his shares long ago for a tidy profit as he said in his first post. He is currently long PPE and short Boyd. Just my guess judging by tommy's posts.

    • This is the original tommy3823 post on the boyd board. Hit the post linked below.
      I typed the start of the post below.

      "I wish to congratulate everyone who has been long on this stock for the last few years. I was purchasing this stock 4 years ago at about $4.00. I sold off long ago and made a nice penny."

      • 2 Replies to secowboyup
      • And cowboy. What are you trying to say. Why am I arguing with myself. As I have stated and been posting for years, I built a real nice position with this stock numerous years ago. I did VERY WELL with this stock, VERY WELL cowboy. What are you trying to say. Have you visited this casino yet, no I did not think so. I have. As I have stated, after visiting this casino there are many things I dont like with it, one being the location. I did not think this casino was going to be so isolated from the other two casinos in the marina. I did not know that until I visited this casino. And the list goes on. And I do not like Boyd management. never have and never will. You can see that in my posts when I was taking a major position in this company. There are numerous companies I purchase when I dont like the management. That is because there sometimes a pretty dollar to be made from people like you. Now explain to me and the people who are coming to this board for insight. Why has no Boyd insiders purchased this stock over 6. Why has no Boyd insider purchased this stock in over a year, except with option ecercises. Why cowboy. And why is Boyd purchasing 16 million dollar aircrafts? I am waiting for you reply cowboy.

    • Thanks for the welcome home, secowboyup !

      Fourteen days floating on the Rhine and Moselle was cool, but it is nice to be home.
      (I had tried to alter my airline reservations to visit my "ancestral" home in eastern-Pennsylvania and, maybe, hop over to Atlantic City, on the way back, but it was too complicated/expensive working with the tour company.)

      As I've been posting for a few years, you might remember my original plan was to sell my BYD for over $20 per share right before The Borgata opening, just as the anticipated pre-opening giddiness peaked. Well, it looks like there wasn't a lot of pre-opening giddiness, . . so I'm still holding. In fact, I'm holding 40% more BYD than I'd ever intended to buy.
      Nonetheless, if BYD does hit the average-secowboyup-prediction-contest prediction $23.25, I probably will sell most of my position. Now I'm hoping for a big-pop right before the earnings announcement of 30 July . . . or maybe right before the earnings announcement in October! I am nothing if not patient.
      Some of the predictions are surprising; even lletsgo predicts $23.50 !!!

      Life is good.

    • hey moralcare,
      Welcome back to the good ole USA.
      We had a boyd high prediction contest for the summer of 2003. Hit the post below for the predictions.

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