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  • lencarona lencarona Sep 10, 2003 5:53 PM Flag

    sinatra711 boughner

    you could not have missed the point of most of the posts regarding the borgata by a wider margin if you were paid to . the point is not the second rate underlings you so cleverly pointed out but the corporate mangement decisions begining with boughner who has consistently differentiated himself and the boragata as somthing above and beyond the norm in atlantic city. its more the stategic decisions ie defining the market, matching the product to the market, maketing more cost effectivly than the competition, attacting former ac rejectors, growing the market, providing new customer experience, providing new employee experiences and delivering a profit margin worthy of the investors capital. your thinly disguided boughner apology is a typical lv brown nosing defense of another overblown casino hotel general manager pretending to be steve wynn because he worked up the street. sorry not much rubbed off on old bob, but weve heard all the stories of what has rubbed up against old bob. blaming the local lower level managers is a typical defense by those in water over their heads. want to help the borgata and the shareholders write aletter to byd extoling boughners virtues move him back to vegas where they can discuss the good old days when bob could only screw up time cards and not byds earnings.

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    • The demeaning tone of your posts sound like a bitter ex-Boyd employee or burned investor rant to me. It's a shame because some of your points are indeed valid, but definitely premature. You can call me whatever you like, but the reality is that you have to give executives an opportunity to make adjustments and deliver and 3 months is definitely too soon to be proclaiming that someone, Boughner or any other executive (gaming or not) to be removed. Not every project goes well from day 1.....even Bill Gates knows that.

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      • Excuse me Mr Sinatra, by the tone of your post, you appear to be a Boyd insider.
        You reccomend a buy of this stock, explain why sir?????
        You as other longs miss the point. The summer is over in AC and it is reality check time. The casinos now have to cater to the hard core gambler. Now if you moved the Borgata over to the boardwalk and made it conveniant for the lower players, you would be in the ball park.
        AC is a very funny location, one that I am very familiar with. The bottome line, on a weekend or during the summer, the player will go to where he can get a room, period. There are not enough rooms during this time, period. And a serious player will take the room where he gets it, and will play there to continue to receive comps there.
        Now are you trying to compare the Borgata to the Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods. Do you think the Borgata even comes close to these to powerhouses of pure profit.?????
        Are you saying the Borgata is the only thing going for zBoyd gaming. Is this company going to change the whole outlook for Byd gaming?? Is BYD and partner with mgm on this or do they get the whole cake and eat it too?????
        Are you saying that Byd gaming does not over spend company monies on non needed luxuries??
        Are you saying that Boyd gaming will not be hurt by new and increased taxes by local municipalities?????
        Sinatra, you appear to have some intelligence, how can you reccomend a buy on this stock at this time with all these factors as well as the economy still in the crapper??

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