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  • detroit1051 detroit1051 Oct 6, 2009 6:34 AM Flag

    Vegas Ranked on "Smartness"

    Sort of ridiculous, but some of the reader comments are funny.

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    • Yeah, it's ridiculous and you expect that from a loser town populated and visited by losers.

    • one of the more entertaining comments:

      "Shocking! Astounding! I don't believe it! Surely this must be some kind of Left Wing bias. Pshaw! But who cares?! We've got boobies galore and a Mob Museum (most educational), and underpaid teachers moonlighting as strippers. I mean really, who needs education?! Where else can you get minor surgery in the back of a health food shop? I ask you! Why we even have casino CEOs with imaginary masters degrees. Who needs to have real skills, imagination, education and talent when you come to the capital of Moneyisallthatmatters and just make it all up! After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Heeheehee. We're sooooooo witty. Look, boobies!"

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      • smitcompton Oct 7, 2009 12:33 PM Flag

        Yes, Vegas even rancked next to last on the worst city to range a family. Detroit beat it.
        I don't think it was ever meant to be an educational oasis. And although it seems trite the people seem nice and we have not encounteresd one rude employee in any hotel.
        I moved to Chicago from New York. I was told Chicagoens weren't as bright as New Yorkers and I shouldn't be surprised.
        Well, only 17% of Chicagoans have a college degree and they don't read books, they are so much nicer to strangers. They are so helpful if you are lost and really try to help you if you're in trouble. New Yorker will step over you if you fall in the street.(really) We don't make eye contct unless we know you.
        Las Vegas had low cost housing , maybe not fab jobs, but one could live and yes immigrants come as a place to get work. They work hard, its not an easy business .
        I'm not on a soap box, I take vegas for what it is supposed to be. I think retirement here 5 yrs ago was a good idea for older Americans. Its too uncertain now.
        Perhaps it will be again. Besides, I'm at the age where I like nice over smart.


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