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  • I am frankly surprised that this has not plunged below .10, I can't see what could be holding it up this long,
    no news, no contracts, Apple has moved on. Not buying until it takes that dip.....where is it?

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    • What happens if we are bought out at $.60?

    • Chung said BUY @ 7.65 cents.
      Steipp said $ELL @ 19.1 Cent$.

      Since the Big Break-Out on 7/17 the 50-DMA has been fairly reliable $upp0rt...............

      As LONG as this remains True
      HOLDing is a n0 Brainer

      N0w we get w0rd that.......
      1. They Fear a Take-0ver 0r
      2. They anticipate a Take-0ver 0r
      3. They are anticipating a Take-0ver

      That Deal could appreciate Materially
      With m0ving a Proto-Type into the Product Category

      This is n0 Time to beee $h0rt........

      The manage-mint is n0t particularly Shareholder Friendly
      They ARE very savvy in Greasing Their OWN $kid$

      Sentiment: Buy

    • 8-K filed today implies they are preparing for a merger or takeover.

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      • I disagree that the 8-K implies any imminent M&A activity. Other stocks I've owned have taken similar steps for their top executives just to provide a bit of a bonus to them should the company be taken out or in some cases, a disincentive to entities contemplating a hostile takeover action, since these agreements would become a financial obligation on the potential acquirer. This is something that has become customary in the modern, rich-get-richer, executive-favored environment of corporate governance. This costs the shareholders nothing right now, so they know they can get away with it.

      • Yeah, that was a surprise for sure. Something is up, but what? I hope this does not get taken out at this
        level, we would be way short of expectations for this stock. The BOD may be cutting a deal as we speak.

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