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  • durbin_stephen durbin_stephen Nov 1, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

    Litigation with partner, form 8-K

    Might get an opportunity to buy LQMT back on this new 8-K filing. Sure sounds like bad news.

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    • There for sure is the icing on the cake. All these months the "exclusive" manufacturing agreement was not even working, so no new orders, and now litigation where the company could be hit for millions, no client based manufacturing will take place, legal bills will mount........can anyone imagine there might be
      a problem with management and oversight? It looks to me like the company is trapped in a no win situation with no predictable end to it. Amateur hour unveiled. Who wants to bet there won't be any accountability for this. JMHO

    • Yeah, you could be correct. On the other hand a good old fashion fight sometimes cleans out the cobwebs and shakes things up in a positive way. If they are fighting with each othe hopefully it is over something of value. Speaking of which what do you make of this section of the document ?

      "(i) requiring the Company to provide an accounting of certain intellectual property that the Company has purportedly withheld from VPC, (ii) requiring the Company to honor the right of first refusal contained in the Sublicense Agreement in priority over certain rights of first refusal the Company has granted to Apple, Inc., and (iii) terminating section 3.4.1 of the Manufacturing Services Agreement, which provision restricts VPC's ability to exercise all its rights under the Sublicense Agreement by precluding VPC from marketing and selling products based upon the LMT Technology."

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