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  • swarmshepherd swarmshepherd Apr 29, 2014 3:01 PM Flag

    Reconnecting Nerves - and here's the link

    Did some googling on this and indeed there is a genuine article out there. I'm not kidding, here's the link:

    Starts with:
    Chinese biomedical engineers have used liquid metal to transmit electrical signals across the gap in severed sciatic nerves. The work raises the prospect of a new treatment for nerve injuries, they say.
    and ends:
    So it’s just possible that liquid metal will become an important component in the treatment of nerve injuries in future.

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    • While this is indeed good news for the bio-medical community & those suffering from severed nerves IT DOES NOT HAVE A THING TO DO WITH LQMT. The liquid metal they refer to in the article is a mixture of gallium-indium-selenium which just happens to be a liquid (like mercury, for instance) at room temperature. It has not a thing to do with Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. -- the company -- which proposes to make small components/gears/equipment parts out of amorphous (as in no crystal structure) metallic glass (as in a solid).

      Return to the SWARM. Resistance is Futile ... You Will Be Diluted.

      Bring back a PRODUCT for LQMT to develop & produce at a Profit sufficient to defray R&D & G&A expenses in the range of $1 MM per Quarter. THAT is your mission. Anything less is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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    • This company if well run has a lot to offer. Good luck to them in their endeavors .. and to any who with their dollars decide to support them.

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