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  • maxine_19096 maxine_19096 Jan 16, 2004 10:33 AM Flag

    Bubba if your looking for advice

    It's a pleasure to join such an intelligent and articulate board. As the author of seven published books, some internationally, I feel qualified to make that statement even though I'm a "newbie."

    I fled the Bradley board in horror over its domination by self-appointed gurus spouting arcane technobabble ("downward engulfing candles," "cups and handles," etc.) and day trader squatters commenting on every other stock besides BDY.

    I think the quality of this board speaks to the quality of the investment itself. Although I expect the inevitable pullbacks, I am definitely long on Dendreon because of the potential of Provenge and the other drugs in its pipeline. In the past, unable to believe my good fortune, I've deserted lucrative stocks too soon and left a lot on the table. This time I'm hanging in. Good luck to all.

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    • <<definitely long on Dendreon>>

      maxine: wecolme aboard.

      At the risk of sounding pollsterish, would you mind sharing something of yourself, as well as the journey that brings you here?
      Was it TV, tabloid or covened cocktail tip that beckoned with sirens song?
      Are high beta and volitility the straws that stir your drink?
      Is half a loaf worth anything at all?
      Is yesterday delivery date for the orders of today?
      Are the hen housed eggs cradled as one?

      Or .... and rightly so .... is this NOMFB?

      In either event ... again .... welcome .... and .... bon chance!

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      • Jerzee: Alas, I would like to offer a more intriguing explanation, but it was actually an article in my local newspaper about Provenge that brought me here. Having known an alarmingly high number of men who have battled prostate cancer--the last a beloved brother-in-law who lost the battle several months ago--I delved further into Dendreon. I was impressed not only with the potential for Provenge, but also with other promising drugs in its pipeline.

        Similarly, I was motivated to invest in Novartis because of its breast cancer drug, among others, and have done quite well with the stock so far.

        Maybe it helps if your heart is in the right place. As a cancer survivor myself, I have an emotional as well as a financial interest in this type of investment. Dendreon qualifies on both counts: It is a well-run company engaged in the development of a cutting edge drug that can save many lives.

    • Your a welcome addition to this fine board and we longtime longs (know) that you will do well here. Best investment I was ever forced to get into. There will be bumps in the road because of the quickies,daytraders and so forth but in time probably soon you'll fully understand why we longs are stubborn about giving up our positions.