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  • jerzee_jammer jerzee_jammer Jan 31, 2004 8:49 AM Flag

    The Pearl I

    �uhhhh ohhhh .... I can smell it, somethin�s cooking and it ain�t breakfast. What�s up?� she quizzed.

    �Not much� he mumbled, preoccupied, �just doin� a bit of homework.�

    �More dendrezoning! Eeeeesh ... it�s weekend! Helloooo ....�


    �Alright ...... what�d come up with? Any new news releases? It really is weekend ya know. Would seem to be a great opportunity for the presses to roll out some more of their compassion pieces.�

    �My quick scan came up nude with the national�s ...... everything is going to get buried with the pre/post Stupor Bowl
    baloney. However, interestingly enough, the board got into a bit of a scrum with a challenger last night.�

    �Challenger? Or is that just your nice way of sayin� short basher?�

    �Nahhh .... I don�t know .... it seems he�s a new voice. The guy calls himself drdimwit or somethin� like.
    Right outtta the box .... bingo! ...... he brings up some bogus points about Provenge�s science and challenges the 9901 test results. Like white on rice, ba-da-bing ..... our man Toos takes him down to the matt with a pin! Almost felt sorry for the guy. 'Tho it was a beautiful thing!

    Then the guy makes some statement about holding this from 2. Yet, he�s got a SELL sentiment and is arguing the point. Vinnie sniffed this right out and stuffs him like Shaq, one on one in the paint w/ an amnesiaced point guard .... DENIED!
    When Vinnie got done, it was evident the only thing the guy may have been holding since it was 2 was ... well ... it wasn�t no stock ... that�s for sure .....
    But the great part is that ....even in the middle of a Friday nite, this friggin� board�s borders are all-stations-armed and there ain�t no crossing it without a visa. By the way, did you catch Miller�s line the other night?�

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    • <<make a killing .... with DNDN>>

      touche .........

      (however ... would like to toss a for real Dendreon project around OT .... if interested in hearing the pitch give me a shout ....)

    • Boy what a hangover you have this morning(Tee Hee).

    • �Your Dennis Miller?� she chided, �the same Dennis Miller that�s screaming for someone to throw him a line while that lib-diarrhea-mouthed-Naomi-dyke-bitch is just sittin� there with her she-she-martini shaker, just throwing friggin� anchors .... are we talkin� that Dennis Miller????�

      �Yea ... that Miller ... and I totally agree ... feed the bitch to the chimp, live, on air .... anyway .... Miller says, �on any
      given night you can go down to the border and with night vision glasses you can see what looks like the start of the Boston Marathon .... in poncho�s ....�
      Grrrrreat line!!!!!!
      And that�s what doesn�t happen here! With this
      board, NOTHIN� gets by ..... this board�s band of bro�s (and sisters) are ever vigilant ....... like the mantle of an oyster.�

      �Uhhh ohhh ... here we go ... bio lesson 101 .... goooo �head� ..... I�m just a sponge for this�

      �U through? You may learn somethin� here. But not about sponges ..... oysters! This board is the oyster�s mantle.
      When that bivalve sucks in an irritant, like sand or whatever, the mantle begins to secrete a substance called nacre.
      Layer upon layer of this nacre eventually then forms the pearl which, hopefully, we may be able to afford to buy once Dendreon makes it�s move.

      �Gee mister wizard ..... I didn�t know thaaaaat� she sassed ... �an screw the pearls and their nahhhhcre ... diamonds, my love,
      are this girls best friend ......� she snickered.

      �OK ..... I get it .... but lemme finish here ...... Anyway .... without the occasional splinter in the butt ..... the tendency is to grow complacent, comfortable ..... of no real value .... like a pearless oyster .... �

      �Hey biomaster ... when was the last time you were in the fish market buying oysters???? Valueless my ass ..... �

      �I don�t like oysters, remember? But, alright, alright, you get the drift. Now, you want another metaphor? We can change it to coal, pressure and time which produces diamonds ....�

      �Please, I�m beggin� ya .... spare me .... Off the subject, who do like in the game?�

      �The Pats ... who else?�

      �What about the spread?�

      �It�ll be close .... no team will be less than 100 yards from the other at any given time�

      ��Ugggggghhhhhhhh .... k .... nufff said there ......�

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      • �Earth to ... husband, come innnnnn ....� she teased.

        �Huh? ohhh ... yeah, g�mornin�.�

        �And a good morning to you as well� she smiled, �and just how much ..... morrrrning?! ... have you already under your

        �Dunno .... about two coffee pots worth ... if that means anything. Just couldn�t sleep is all.�

        �What a surprise!� sarcastically, �you never sleep ...... well, not for the past twenty years or so! What is it this time? Dreaming about the mollusk that ate Connecticut?�

        �Cute .... but wrong. No, I started thinking about, I dunno ..... widgets!?.�

        �Widgets? God! I�m afraid to ask.�

        �Yupppp ..... widgets. See, there�s this guy, a repressed genius smart sorta low key guy, who starts workin� in his basement on widgets. He gets one made and decides to test it out, on a small basis, in the local neighborhood. It�s a screamin� success. The stores just can�t keep �em on the shelf. Nobody�s ever seen anything like this!
        The problem is, if he wants to expand, he needs some help. If this is going to be as big as he sees it being, he needs some variety. To him, one trick pony�s may be amusing to some, but this guy wants this to be one of them Spanish Lusitano�s, the kind they bred for war and bullrings.�

        �Paleeeeze!!!! I�m still digestin� the oyster lesson ... let�s not get into equines ... not today ... please!�

        �Okay ... so all this guys widgets are blue. Red, green , yellow ......... �

        �Or mauve .... or taupe ....� she interruped �Ok, so he buys some paint and ....�

        �No! That�s just it! And it�s not all just that easy cause a color change of paint has to be developed for each widget. Color is an integral part of the widget. It can be changed, and will be changed, but not right away.
        Ya see, up the street from him one his neighbors was working on making thing-a-ma-jigs.�

        �Yea, so? Are the thing-a-ma-jigs competition for the Widge man?�

        �Nope. Kissin� cousins maybe, but no way competitors. So anyway, Widge talks to Thingus and makes this deal to buy his ideas by givin� him a piece of the action. Thingus� stuff can be shelved until they get the widget winging.
        Now Widge�s widget�s lookin� good, really good! All they gotta do is test it out a little more and get it marketed. But instead of playing with the paint to get some variety into their inventory, the Widge starts tinkering with Thingus� thing-a-ma-jigs .... the stuff he just bought�

        �I�m losing you. Why would he do that if they�re cousins but not competitors. Are you sure this Widget guy isn�t just a little .... well, ... you know ..... Twinkieish? So tuff for us girls to make up our minds at times.�

        �Funny ... ha ha ha .... you�re sick. Nobody can figure why he want�s to work on the thing-a-ma-jig before the painted widgets. The guy�s MENSA�d! He doesn�t have to explain! Like his next move, bingo!, outta the blue, he
        calls another guy and makes another deal. Go figure!�