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  • maxine_19096 maxine_19096 Feb 1, 2004 12:34 PM Flag

    The Pearl I

    Hey, Jerzee,

    You're starting to sound like the Elmore Leonard of the Message Boards. Maybe you should try your hand at a sequel to Get Shorty, investment style--a story about a Dendreon trasher who gets offed by an irate Long with Family ties. The smoking gun is a Taser-like widget, a stun gun that knocks people out forever. The buzz about the hit attracts massive investment in the widget by DNDN posters, and the stock price goes from $6 a share to $150 in six months, making the DNDN longs drillionaires twice over.

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    • Good to see someone with a sense of humor here.I am long 9000 shares with an average price of around $8/share.This board takes itself very seriously.As we know stocks that eventually go to $50 have their ups and downs.Should be interesting to see the reaction here if we go down to $10 before moving back up.Let me tell you it was getting ugly here back in Nonember.Stick around because this board will need your sense of humor again.I also am long IDBE and that board is getting ugly because the promised partnership is 30 days late.Same may happen here.

    • <<try YOUR hand at a sequel>>

      maxine: ..... as a matter of fact, we have hatched a plot an' I'm sendin' an ummm, ahem ... 'assossiate' who also answers to the anme of Chili over to your place to .. er .... negotiate a deal wit choo.
      You DO wanna add #9 to your publications list .....
      ............... Thought so .....

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