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  • investing2buy investing2buy Mar 26, 2004 8:09 AM Flag

    FORBES- News twist DNDN paradigm

    In my own twisted way, the introduction (posted) is in a way linked to the statement that accompanied the "coverage initiation" blah, blah!
    Failure/success/failure and the undeniable fact that most Wall Street types have little patience outside the remit of numbers and projections (how much are you producing, what are your margins, is there a demand?).

    Medicine (Research) comes from a different angle to which most analysts can only contemplate on a tiptoe, to many uncertainities for them to have a - strong buy or anything along that line, this is science (a .001 difference in statistical significance is not like missing a penny in earnings) , the more ambigous analysts remain the more they protect their credibilty in the future (they aint clairvoyants!)