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  • Saul_Kerpelman Saul_Kerpelman Nov 19, 2004 7:26 PM Flag

    unethical analyst

    I am not saying don't calm down. I still believe it is highly unlikely DNDN management would risk prison in order to "play for time" as Aschoff suggests. I was and am just calling for whatever helpful analysis of the situation we can get here. And so far there has been quite a lot. For what it's worth I bought an additional 10,000 shares today. And I was calm while I did it.

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    • ...Good for you Saul...

      The bottom line to me with the Aschoff "analysis" is the viciouness of it in its' tenor. IMHO it fell only an inch short of outright libel assuming the data is even close to what Gold has implied. Remember...The recommendation was not from "buy" or "outperform" to "neutral" or even "hold"...It was to an outright "sell" and a revised price objective from $21 to $6, all because of what was said or not said in a three hour "Analyst" conference??
      Come now. Sounds personal in nature...Someone was really ticked off, and IMHO it happened at the conference...

      "Hell halfth no fury like an analyst scorned"!!